Astrographic Data

Be aware that some of the data here may be subject to change: I intend to go through the systems and do a reality check on the data with respect to compatibility with my campaign canon.

In most cases, systems have been generated by a program (written in the SAS language) that implements a slightly modified version of MT Extended System Generation with the DGP World Builder's Handbook algorithm.

Sector Map

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Spinward Marches

Alphabetical Listing

Sector Comments
Foreven Originally called Yonder in my campaigns  The name Foreven is the name given to the sector by the Third Imperium, while Yonder is still the name used by the locals.  Most of the systems in the sector are situated on a J2-Main band running from trailing to spinward, with a small rift between these systems and the Zhodani Consulate to coreward.
Spinward Marches The classic Traveller setting.
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Originally called Beyond in my campaigns.  Well outside the concerns of the Imperium initially, the events that form the background of the Lunion Campaign prompted a little more attention.  The Imperium wisely rejected the local name Beyond as being too close to the existing sector The Beyond, and so came up with Whitestar based on the high proportion of F-class stars in the sector.  There are no plans to extend human colonization into this sector.