Rhylanor / Rhylanor / Spinward Marches

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Name UWP Base Trade z pag Polit Star
Rhylanor A434934-F A Hi 810 Im M2 VI

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System Data
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System Data

Primary :: M2 VI

Orbit Name UWP Grav Day Year deg 
Diam Rem
0 Rhylanor A434934-F 0.31 25.7 0.24 7 6.2 A Hi In
5 satellite H100322-F 0.09 30.0 2.20 -60 1.1 Mi Nv Sc
15 satellite YS00000-F 0.02 29.3 11.45 -60 0.6 Re Mb
45 satellite F200322-F 0.09 59.52 -64 3.2 Mi Nv Sc
1 asteroid G000312-F Mi Nv Sc
2 world Y200225-E 0.17 17.2 1.60 -163 3.7 Mi Sc
3 world G400336-F 0.51 29.1 2.73 -175 6.7 Mi Re Mb Nv Sc
4 world G530624-F 0.33 21.1 5.53 -165 7.4 Mi Re Nv Sc
65 satellite GS00362-F 0.02 25.1 103.4 -201 1.0 Mi Mb Nv Sc

TAS Advisories

TAS Report

Rhylanor: a Description

Rhylanor is best known as the birthplace of Olav hault-Plankwell -- Olav I, first of the Emperors of the Flag.  As Grand Admiral of the Marches, Olav led the March Fleet against the Outworld Coalition in the First Frontier War.  In 604, with a victory in his pocket (and the victorious fleet at his back) he drove on the Imperial core and proclaimed himself Emperor.  His Fleet gave the Moot no choice but acquiescence.

Olav's birthplace on Rhylanor is currently a minor tourist attraction.

Plankwell University - or P.U. as it is known locally - is one of the major educational institutions in the Marches.   Its academic strengths are primarily in the hard sciences: biology, chemistry, electronics, gravitics, mechanics, and physics.  The reputation of Rhylanor as an educational center benefits greatly from the cooperation of P.U. with the Rhylanor Institute of Technology, an applied science school particularly strong in robotics research.  The day of the annual grav-ball game between PU and RIT on 030 of each year is a public holiday throughout the system.

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-spin SMC
-spin 5fw
-RSB ds
-TP rum
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