The Lunion Campaign

Dramatis Personae

At some point, I'll have the full character sheets and notes available.  For now, this is a brief and incomplete outline of who's who...


This will be a brief introduction to the people of the Anastasia.

The Characters


Character Service Description Player
William Avon Navy Gunner Brian Williams
Sir Bridgehead
"The GrandAm"
Imperial Navy 
Grand Admiral
Highly skilled and highly opinionated doctor. Jim Cox
Chiang Ho Imperial Scout
Mike Greene
David Brock Imperial Army 

Gavin Romig-Koch
Gerard Delaney
"The Captain"
Imperial Navy 

Molly Malone
Threasis Fostriades
"The Boss"
Tukera Lines Engineer and trader Susan Lambiris
Linda Gregson Spirelle citizen, Transportation Teenage computer whiz Jane Greene
Mich Saginaw Imperial Navy Engineer Mike Mitchell
Steve Howard Imperial FarSpace Service Communications Specialist Keith Wilson
Vana Scorpionis Marines
Started out as an NPC, then taken over by Jim Kelley

Primary Non-Player Characters

Character Service Description
Helen Merrick
Sir Bridgehead's girlfriend


Joe TDS mentor
Kara Scorpionis Marines
Lia Scorpionis Marines Fostriades' girlfriend
NoName TDS mentor
Paula Harris
Crew member 
Mich's girlfriend
Teri Scorpionis Marines
Varda Scorpionis Marines

Other Non-Player Characters

Character Service Description
Bill Wedgewood
Crew Member
Jeffry Peterson
Crew Member
Jenny Roberts
Crew Member
Richard Martin
Crew Member
William Rufus Imperial FarSpace Service (active) Diplomatic Agent for the IFSS
Various Scorpionis Marines Troops on board the Anastasia