(16a) Addendum to (16)

The Mora Campaign (308-1119 to 315-1119)

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Introductory Material for Edward "Shark" Teeth

    Edward "Shark" Teeth is contacted.  He is told that an organization -- they're not sure who -- is very interested in the crew of a research ship, the H.M.S. Third Eye, owned and captained by the Marquis Marcus Crestworthy.
    Earlier today, a short while ago, a message was intercepted to that group that consisted of one word -- the name of a bar in town.
    He's given a small briefing sheet on each of the crew members.  Most of them are straightforward; the people from the Anastasia that were picked up on Pimane are of course interesting, especially since their ship exploded -- not with a solar flare, but an anti-matter bomb -- a freighter carrying their ship was exploded by an anti-matter bomb; no group has claimed responsibility and Imperial Intelligence knows of no group that has the technology to do it -- including the Imperium.  Likewise the explosion that levelled Hope's End on Pimane was similar.
    Suspicious characters -- aside from those picked up from the Anastasia -- are two who were signed on at Pimane.  These are Vonish Kehnaan, who signed on as copilot and cook -- his records look perfectly straightforward.  Robert Morris signed on as sensor operator... his records don't go back before Pimane; his physical description does match someone who's wanted under a number of names for various computer crimes, but nothing recently.