(36) In Sickness and in Hell

The Mora Campaign (216-1120 to 229-1120)

216-1120 : Jumpspace (from Grille / Mora / Spinward Marches)

    The H.M.S. Third Eye does not come out of jump.  The crew is so accustomed to six day jumps that this is most unusual.  Still, it's within normal parameters, so while some of the crew -- Helia Sarina in particular -- may be feeling a bit nervous, there is no reason to assume that there's a problem.

    The only person with a problem right now is Mich Saginaw, who's still in sick bay being treated for radiation sickness by Grand Admiral Baron Bridgehead.  The engineer could go about his duties, but the doctor's advice is complete bed rest.  Mich wants to go through all the data from the power units, but even that would be against medical advice.  He has compromised by staying in bed yesterday, and today raising himself up enough to examine his data.
    Mich's first task, of course, is to run diagnostics and check the status of the ship.  Aside from the two boxes in engineering -- one producing radiation and one at absolute zero -- the rest of the ship is fine.
    Examining the data just indicates that one unit reduced power output until it was sucking power -- at which point the data stream stopped -- while the other unit increased power output until it vaporized.  Switching off the fuel supply and disconnecting the units had no effect.  Everything else appeared perfectly normal.  Everything in the previous jumps was perfectly normal too, and there was not a thing aside from the sucking and pushing to indicate that anything was different this time.

    Since the last voyage, Marquis Marcus Crestworthy has loosened up the security procedures on board ship.  With no additional science team or any other hangers-on, he's allowing free access between the crew and module sections.

217-1120 : Jumpspace (from Grille / Mora / Spinward Marches)

    Ed "Shark" Teeth visits the Marquis and suggests that if the jump extends much more, that he distribute recreational chemicals among the crew.  He presents a list of his favorites.

218-1120 : Jumpspace (from Grille / Mora / Spinward Marches)

    When the Third Eye is still in jump after eight days, it's clear that a misjump is in progress.  The ship is now officially overdue.  The Baron prepares to deal with cases of jump sickness, should they arise.
  Marquis Marc explains the situation to Misha Ravanos, who's unfamiliar with the procedures of starship travel.  The Marquis also keeps his monitoring equipment active, in case     Mich goes over the design of the matter-antimatter generators and can't find anything which could have lead to such a failure.  There no internal short or anything that could possibly explain it.
    Vonish Kehnaan is cooking mostly comfort food at this point -- not necessarily because the crew needs it, but because he does.

219-1120 : Jumpspace (from Grille / Mora / Spinward Marches)

    The Third Eye is still not out of jump, and the first signs of jump sickness appear among the crew.  Mich is still weak from radiation sickness, and so his resistance is down -- he's definitely unwell.
    Marquis Marc is unfortunately also ill, although he's somewhat quite capable of attending to his duties; he's spending time in his suite with the door closed.
    Sagan too is unwell.  It's an odd feeling for hir -- and worrying for the doctor, as he has no data at all about how hivers might react to jump sickness, or how to treat it.

220-1120 : Jumpspace (from Grille / Mora / Spinward Marches)

    Jump sickness continues to spread.  Marc, Sagan, and Mich are worse, while Robert Morris and Helia Sarina have fallen ill too.  Teri Cralla must have been ill the day before and not reported it, because she ends up today incapacitated in sick bay.
    Misha discusses the situation with his captain.  The Marquis will only talk to him through the closed door, and refuses to let him in.

221-1120 : Jumpspace (from Grille / Mora / Spinward Marches)

    Vonish, Ed, and the doctor remain healthy, but the rest of the crew are in various stages of illness:
Fine: Vonish Kehnaan, Ed "Shark" Teeth, Grand Admiral Baron Bridgehead
Sick: Helia Sarina, Misha Ravanos
Worse: Mich Saginaw, Robert Morris
Bad: Sagan, Teri Cralla, Marquis Marcus Crestworthy

    In Sagan jump sickness is manifesting itself as clumsiness and uncoordination.  Hir gastric opening is "loose", and digestion is disturbed.  Sie is also getting mild hallucinations in all hir senses -- flashes of light, strange scents, strange touches with no-one there (very disturbing for a being with 360 degree vision).

    Baron Bridgehead sets up some emergency sick bays in the labs of the module.  He's preparing for things to get much worse.
    He decides to visit the captain.  At Marc's insistence, he comes alone.  He asks Marc if he would like to move to a sickbay -- the captain agrees, but only if he has a private room, and can take his football sensor with him.
    Bridgehead locks the door behind the Marquis, and informs Misha that the captain is incapacitated, and that as First Officer it is now Misha who is in command.  They discuss the crew situation, and how bad it might get.  Bridgehead confirms that there are eight emergency low berths, and several an additional medical low berths.  He bemoans the primitive medical facilities on this ship -- on his last ship, he could have set up a low berth to accommodate the hiver as well.

222-1120 : Jumpspace (from Grille / Mora / Spinward Marches)

    The ship is still in jump.
Fine: Vonish, Ed
Sick: Misha, Bridgehead
Worse: Mich , Robert, Helia
Critical: Sagan, Marc, Teri

    Misha remains in command of the ship, even though he's rather ill.  Bridgehead has also fallen sick today, but continues to perform his duties.

223-1120 : Jumpspace (from Grille / Mora / Spinward Marches)

    The ship is still not out.  The crew situation deteriorates.
Fine: Vonish, Ed
Worse: Helia, Misha, Bridgehead
Critical: Marc, Mich , Robert
Low Berth: Teri, Sagan

    Bridgehead says that he's ill enough to not be able to do his duties, but he insists he remains at his post.  He pumps himself up with drugs to keep going.
    Misha is no longer capable of commanding the ship.  Bridgehead relieves him of command, and informs Vonish that he is now acting captain of the H.M.S. Third Eye.
    Teri has been placed in low berth.  Sagan will die if not in low berth, but of course no facilities are available; Bridgehead improvises a chemical equivalent to keep hir under enough to stay alive.

224-1120 : Unknown System

    The Third Eye finally emerges from jump.  Vonish starts to feel a little sick as the ship lurches back into normal space.  He's still well enough to stay in command, though.
    Bridgehead gives Vonish an overview of the crew situation.  Only Ed is well enough to serve.  The Baron himself, once he comes off the stimulants he's been taking, will crash in a few days -- he gives Ed, as standby medical officer, full instructions as to how to look after the crew.  He then goes off to rest and recover from the stimulants.
Fine: Ed
Sick: Vonish
Worse: Helia, Doc, Misha
Critical: Robert
Low Berth: Sagan, Teri, Marc, Mich

    Vonish checks the sensors and determines that the ship is not in immediate danger.  He decides to leave the ship drifting for the time.  He takes a short break to relax, then starts work on the ship's location and predicted path.
    Vonish works carefully and painstakingly, and finally comes to an inescapable conclusion: they are not on their charts.  At least they're in a system -- there's clearly a main sequence white star nearby.
    The next question is clear: the ship will not run into anything for quite some time.  The current vector would spiral into the sun after several hundred years.
    Vonish then starts the task of examining the system.  He confirms that there are two gas giants in the system, and therefore they will be able to refuel here.  They are not stuck here.
    Ed just intends to look after his patients for the next several days, with the occasional call to remind Vonish to make sure they're not going to hit anything.

    Vonish records himself as acting Captain, and Ed as acting First Officer and Medical Officer.  It will look good on their resumes.
    Ed checks with the computer about the status of engineering.  The computer reports conditions as normal in that area, except that excess pressure of one atmosphere was bled off and recovered several hours ago.
    Ed goes down and checks engineering himself.  The boxes are gone, and there's some debris scattered all around the place.  Still, everything seems to be working.  He is astonished at how lucky they are.
    In honor of that, Vonish names this system "Roulette."

225-1120 : Roulette / unknown / unknown

    Vonish has recovered completely.  Helia and Misha are better, but the doctor is crashing and has put himself under automated care in sickbay.
Fine: Ed, Vonish
Sick: Helia, Misha
Worse: Doc
Critical: Robert
Low Berth: Sagan, Teri, Marc, Mich

    Vonish starts his location survey by checking for local galaxies, just to see if they're still in the same one.  He is relieved to find that they are not only in the right galaxy, but aren't too far from the Spinward Marches.
    Ed runs the sensors and finds no transmissions in the system.  So not only are they safe from running into anything, but no-one should come after them here either.

    Vonish continues to name the system.  The gas giants are Black and Red...  He also sets the system doing a survey of the system and the area.  Slowly the information about the system will expand...

226-1120 : Roulette / unknown / unknown

    The doctor insists that he's in good shape now, and able to resume his duties.  Ed reluctantly confirms that, but only on the condition that he assist him.  They start work on pulling people out of cold sleep.  For some reason the hiver comes out of the chemically induced stupor in surprisingly good shape.
    The Baron recommends that Vonish remain in command today, and formally hand over to Misha tomorrow.  He wants to observe Misha for another day or so to supervise his recuperation.
Fine Ed, Vonish
Sick Helia, Misha, Sagan, Doc
Bad Robert, Teri, Marc, Mich

227-1120 : Roulette / unknown / unknown

    Vonish formally hands over command to Misha; Misha, as acting Captain, confirms Vonish as acting First Officer.  Ed gives Misha a full run-down of everyone's medical status.
Sick Mich
Critical: Robert, Teri, Marc

    Sagan, with his explorer background, helps with the location dilemma.  Sie determines that there are quite a few nearby systems that they could meander through.  Helia assists hir, and those two are a formidable resource to throw at the problem.

    Ed tells Mich that the atmosphere was bled off in engineering, and that pieces of the boxes are embedded in the wall and consoles and so on.  Ed will accompany Mich until the latter has recovered completely.
    The two of them go back to engineering.  The boxes are not there, but pieces of them are scattered around.  Mich quickly determines that the pieces are embedded in unimportant consoles, mostly routine test equipment that can be replaced trivially in about half an hour.  He does need someone to sweep, and scrape off molten metal deposits from the walls too.  Of the units themselves, there is nothing recoverable -- he will, however, collect all the pieces to put them together and try to figure out what happened.
    Ed, with his forensics skill, offers to help.  He works with the undisturbed pieces, and after several hours comes to a surprising conclusion.  All the pieces came from a single point.  The pieces do indeed represent both boxed units, but the source of all of the debris came from a single point exactly between the two units.  He then helps clean up and collect all the debris.

    Sagan and Helia have gathered substantial information about the system by now.  Misha decides they should proceed immediately to a gas giant; Vonish suggests Black, and Helia starts them on their way.  Against Ed's advice, Misha keeps the transponder unshielded as it should normally be.

228-1120 : Roulette / unknown / unknown

    Sagan and Helia have gathered substantial information about the system by now.
Sick Marc
Critical: Robert, Teri

    Ed decides he's been very busy for the last several days, and it's time for a break.

    Mich checks the engineering logs, and finds that the boxes exploded exactly on coming out of jump.  There was no temperature, radiation, or other changes when it happened -- just pieces all over the place and the air came back.

229-1120 : Roulette / unknown / unknown

    Helia inserts the Third Eye into orbit around Jackpot.
    The Marquis is sick, but capable of resuming his duties.  Nevertheless, he decides to take some extra time to recuperate completely, since Misha seems to have things well under control.
Sick Marc, Teri
Critical: Robert

    Sagan and Helia have begun to get some key star pattern matches.  It would put them outside the Spinward Marches by five to twenty parsecs.  It's a long way from where they were.