The Mora Campaign

Character Information

Referee's Notes

Player Characters

Sir Bridgehead
 a reindog from Pimane
Helia Ton Sarina
a Larian Traveller from Leander

Non-Player Characters Present

Jenny Roberts
Teri Cralla

Characters Elsewhere

Character Where Doing What Notes
Waiting to meet party Hakia woman
Chiang Ho, NoName High Passage to Spirelle Pick up the Woodstock, then retire to detached scout duty and studying TDS principles.
Jill, David Brock, Joe On their way to Dulu Taking over A tricky journey, an easy coup
Threasis Fostriades and Lia Geratta High Passage to Spirelle On their way to cash in investments, reclaim the Hermes, contact Norris, and work for the Emperor in the Marches.  Will become the Count and Countess Fostriades.