The Nightshade Campaign

Table of Contents

Brief description of the background and events leading up to the campaign
Campaign Log
Blow-by-blow account of the gaming sessions
Dramatis Personae
The characters and notable NPC's
The Campaign Journey
Where the characters were when -- a mini-timeline
The set of House Rules used and modifications thereto
Timeline Timeline of events (background and otherwise)
Appendix 1: Attachments Various props


The crew of Nightshade have solved one of the great mysteries.  Now they are moving on to perhaps more mundane travelling, bonding with the new ship, and finding a new direction.


For this campaign, we're using a MegaTraveller style AT system for skill improvements.  There will also be a skill cap, but it will be much higher than under MT.  Links to specific rules will be in a table below (not yet done, obviously).

As yet, there is no skill cap.  ATs are awarded, one per active character (or NPC) per session, in one skill that the character has exercised in that session.  Then, at the beginning of each session, each active character (or NPC) rolls once for each skill that has ATs, to see if the accumulated ATs can be converted into a skill level.

    The roll is for success at Formidible, with the target number ( INT + ( 3 * AT ) ) -- i.e. as if AT is the skill level.

    Success means that one skill level is added to that skill for the character.  If this is a new skill for the character, it is gained at level 0.  On a successful roll, the ATs in that skill are reset to zero.