The Porky's Campaign Log

    The characters are set on Lunion / Lunion.  Ling Standard Products has just launched a new "police" ship for trials: lightly armed, small crew, fast, manoeuverable.
    They are approached in the TAS for a small group to break up a piracy / looting ring operating in the asteroid belt at Zaibon / Lunion. They are approached by Sir Arken Hauther, acting for the Duke of Adabicci / Lunion (Sir Arken Hauther - COTI Noble #11 (male)).
    He offers 100k cash plus outfitting (up to 200k) and arming their ships for the purpose.  He also offers an unarmed Asteroid mining ship for their use.  He will require passage with them to Adabicci.
    The party orders 3 special prospector's buggies each fitted with two forward-facing PGMP-13s.  These are paid for as armament (i.e. not included in the 200k).  Also looking for parts for anti-missile ECM equipment; initial prototype wire-wrapped.  The mining ship will be armed.

Equipment Purchases

Quantity Item Item Cost Total Cost
7 Vacc suits
20 Oxygen Tanks
2 Snub Pistols
20 magazines
2 Laser Rifles
4 power packs
2 Elec. scope
Field Medical supplies and surgical equipment
10 MR Comms
10 Wrist watches
20 Handcuffs
20 Flashlight
3 Elec. tool set
10 Cloth Armor
10 Reflec Armor

Sir Arken sends an Xboat message to Duke to ask if a mining ship can be sacrificed in the operation; also for some simple military explosives, detonators, timers and wiring.  The reply will not get back to Lunion before the party leaves.  When they reach Adabicci they will find that their requests have been granted.

Their cover will be that the are picking up samples on Zaibon for analysis out of system.

After a week of preparation, they jump-1 to Derchon, refueling at the scout base, and then continuing by jump-2 to Adabicci.  The flight takes a total of 4 weeks.  On arrival at Adabicci, they are met by a system defense boat and escorted into the main planet.  At the TAS, they try to pick up rumors.  The level of piracy is low, mainly due to close escorts and destroyer escorts; a favorite training ground for young officers.

They pick up the asteroid miner at Adabicci, arming it with a missile rack in addition to the standard pulse laser in the dual turret; it is also wired full of explosives, to go off on timer or on operation of controls.  Sir Arken will be going to Zaibon with them.

They arrive at Zaibon safely.  The three ships set out on survey, in combat readiness.

First day uneventful, except for noticing a couple of radioactive asteroids.  Five days pass with nothing happening.  Some time is spent instructing people so that they're competent to stand watch.  Sixth day uneventful, as is seventh.

Eight days out, they get close to the pirate base.  Two combat miners sent to intercept.

A short dogfight ensues during which the enemy is thoroughly shot up and disabled.  The anti-missile equipment proves its worth in the fight, deflecting a number of missiles.  Boarding one ship, one survivor is shot and the other surrenders.  Two men try to escape in a buggy from the other ship, but it is shot by the armed buggies, and explodes, killing one occupant.  The other occupant tries to escape in Vacc suit, but is shot.  Boarding the ship results in a fierce firefight, during which Janssen and Trulane are injured, and one enemy is killed and another captured injured.

They head for the base, towing the dead ships; it takes about 2 days to reach the port.  They interrogate the prisoners.  The two damaged ships are used to cobble together one operational ship.

It takes about a week for the men to recover from the wounds, under the direction of Doc Medich; during this time they check over the anti-missile ECM, and work on the pirate ships.

Caldwell tries to discover the enemy location from the captured computer.  He fails.

They interrogate the prisoner, and get lots of useful information about the base.  The prisoner (a pilot) volunteers to take the captured ship inside the defenses and dock, in return for a complete amnesty.  They learn about the unusual armament of the station, and send a message to the scout base at Derchon via Hervey on the Cyrano.  They hire some extra people, and will take half a dozen policemen with them.

Caldwell eventually finds the base location.  By taking a direct route, they will be able to reach the base in about 2-3 days.

It takes 3 days to set up properly on the way, and the turncoat pilot brings them into range of the base.  He talks them into the cargo entrance.

The assault begins.

The assault succeeds.

Under truth serum, the captain reveals that the ship was provided by Sacnoth Conglomerate Industries for trial in Zaibon before taking up station in Glisten.

They return to Zaibon base, where they send an Xboat message to the naval base at Adabicci, and the scout base at Derchon, telling all about what has occurred and what they have found.

Meanwhile, they sort out decorations for the boarding party.  One of the policemen receives a MCUF equivalent; the remaining decorations go to the party.

The party starts some intensive training in Gunnery, given by Carano.

Meanwhile, the Cyrano reaches Derchon, and the Xboat messages arrive two days later.

At Derchon, they consider the affair to be mostly under the jurisdiction of the Imperial Navy; they are, however, extremely interested and send the Stanley, a heavily armed Donosev class survey scout (F.Ships P13) to accompany the Cyrano back to Zaibon.  On board is a very impressive data computer system, with very highly qualified survey and data acquisition personnel, as well as high-ranking administrators and good JoT people to evaluate the ship.  There is a total of 20 people on board.

At Adabicci, the Duke is worried by the situation.  Secret information available to him suggests that he should involve higher authority.  The Speedwell a Fleet Courier (F.Ships P20) is dispatched to the High Duke at Glisten under high security conditions.  It will follow the route Adabicci - Smoug - Lydia - Glisten.

He sends an Xboat message immediately to the party to wait for his investigation party.  He will travel in person to Zaibon on board the DeChauvais, a Gionetti class Light Cruiser (F.Ships P28), escorted by the Starbright and the Volatile, both Fiery class gunned escorts (f>Ships P17, G&T).  Fleet Admiral John Josephson, Imp. Nav. (Retd) is on board.

The Duke requests a tour of the Porcupine, and access for his assessment team.  This tour takes place on the same day as the Stanley and the Cyrano arrive at Zaibon.  The Duke's technical experts will be spending a full week on an assessment of the Porcupine.

The scouts take a tour, and start a full study.

There is a demonstration of the heavy guns.  The anti-missile capability is demonstrated first.  This is followed by a short-range demonstration; the first burst destroys half of a 100-ton asteroid target; the second burst totally destroys the engineering section (and a fair-sized adjacent hunk) of the ruined captured mining ship, which has been heavily sandcaster-protected by the Navy team.  The Duke, his team, and the scouts are all very impressed.  The whole crew is invited to dine with the Duke on board the DeChauvais.

The Duke will wait for further action until the report is ready.

The report is ready, and the party will be receiving a copy from the crew of the Stanley.

Results of gunnery training are available.  McConnell, Collins, Anderson, Renaud, Medich, DeVries and Janssen pass; Ulf gets some benefit out of it; Kilkscin fails.

A temporary crew is sorted out for the Porcupine.  The scout ships are lashed to it for the run to Adabicci.  The Porcupine jumps for Adabicci, along with the DeChauvais, the Starbright and the Volatile.  The Stanley leaves for Derchon.

After arriving at the Adabicci system, on the way to the planet, the Duke visits the Porcupine to discuss the next mission.  He proposes a 'hit and run' raid on the defences at Bronze, and the party accepts.  The Duke returns to his ship, and the group moves in to the starbase, where the party recruits the remaining crew.