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The Regency Campaign (205-1123 to ???-1123)

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Need to put travel time tables including 20g acceleration into library data.
Fill in individual details for Nightshade, including latest stateroom assignments and the climbing wall they built in the solarium.
Update Marquis Marc's ship configuration.
Finish Santanocheev Rebellion library data entry.
Fill in news vacuum and associated library data.
News item for Adabicci Holocaust.
Other news items for Santanocheev Rebellion?

205-1123 : Victoria / Lanth / Spinward Marches

    Corner the half-meter cone.  Mark the cone with tapioca on the base.

    Camp for the night.  Keep cameras on the cone.

206-1123 Victoria

    Good breakfast.  Tapioca is gone.  Still hot.  Mark floor by big statue.

    Shark, Wulf, Kalida, Pat, Mich, mule.
    Sometime later...

    Push mule, Kalida, Shark, Wulf.

    Pat  stablized after three hours.

    Move off at noon.  Into Uncorkscrew Room, leave at 15:00.

    Corkscrew, enter 15:00, exit at 21:00.

    Camp in tree room.

207-1123 Victoria

    Moving out at 06:00.  Through Right Room into Black Room, which is about 2km down under Room Zero.  3m wide walkway, 40m across, 10m.

    Past Black Room at 07:00.  Mist Room with crystals.

    07:15 Crossroads, the other way crossways.  Turn to the pudding.

    07:25 tunnel exact size of door.  Exit at 08:00.

    Vast spherical cavern.  White.  20 km in diameter..  Walkway 10m wide.

    Break until 08:30.  Other side at 12:00 noon.

    Lunch, get going at 12:30.

    fast tunnel, 200m down, about 60km from room zero.  White, hemisphere, 10m diameter, four doors.  Pudding on way in, outgoing pudding.  Straight on.

    Donut Room. 13:45 exit.  Room Zero.  Pole still against mist room door.

    Out and to Nightshade, to Sick Bay.

    Shark done with operations and scan at 17:00.

    (bikini girl = Sunshine)

    Lesson plan for Kalida on 209.

(to be completed)

???-1123 : Jumpspace (from Mora / Mora / Spinward Marches)

Private Activities by Character
(Referee and Character's player only)