The Regency Campaign

Table of Contents

Brief description of the background and events leading up to the campaign
Campaign Log
Blow-by-blow account of the gaming sessions
Dramatis Personae
The characters and notable NPC's
The Campaign Journey
Where the characters were when -- a mini-timeline
The set of House Rules used and modifications thereto
Timeline Timeline of events (background and otherwise)
Appendix 1: Unspace Unspace Holes, Nightshade, and Anastasia -- as told by Mich Saginaw to Jack during the Crusader Campaign


The Santanocheev Rebellion is over.  Archduke Norris has stepped aside temporarily in favor of Duke Regent Harlo, Duke of Rhylanor, who reigns in his stead until the Emperor rules on the legal issues.


For this campaign, we're using a MegaTraveller style AT system for skill improvements.


ATs are awarded, one per active character (or NPC) per session, in one skill that the character has exercised in that session.  Then, at the beginning of each session, each active character (or NPC) rolls once for each skill that has ATs, to see if the accumulated ATs can be converted into a skill level.

The roll is for success at Formidible, with the target number as follows:
Success means that one skill level is added to that skill for the character.  If this is a new skill for the character, it is gained at level 0.  On a successful roll, the ATs in that skill are reset to zero.

Skills and Skill Caps

Three Root Skills

Each character may designate three skills which are fundamental to the character concept.  These are completely excluded from all skill cap calculations or restrictions; they do not count towards skill count or skill level totals.

Since the root skills are fundamental to the character concept, they are not expected to change often.  Characters do evolve, however, and may change root skills at any time.  Changing the root skills will cause a full recalculation of caps and might cause other skill effects, and in addition changing the root skills will cause all ATs in all skills to be lost immediately.

Jack of Trades may be taken as the sole Root Skill; no other Root Skills may be designated in that case.

Three Secondary Skills

Each character may further designate three skills which are secondary to the character.  While these count towards the total skill cap, they do not carry any extra penalty for High Levels.

High Level Skills

Skills which are at level 4 or above are considered High Level skills.  If these are not Root or Secondary skills, they carry an extra penalty during the skill cap calculations.  This is to discourage characters having too many skills at an expert level.

Jack of Trades is never considered a High Level Skill for these purposes.

Jack of Trades

Jack of Trades will  be subject to extra restrictions in this campaign.

Spectacular Success is not possible when using JoT.  All success results, by whatever margin, count only as a normal success.

Jack of Trades skill is normally limited to a maximum of 5.  If taken as the Root Skill, that maximum is increased to 11.

Skill Cap Number

The maximum number of skills at level 0 or above is 40, excluding JoT.  A new skill may be taken if the cap is reached, but only if another skill is completely dropped.

The maximum Skill Cap Number is 60.

The Skill Cap Number is calculated as the sum of the following, ignoring all Root Skill levels:
Once the maximum Skill Cap Number has been reached, skills can still be increased but only at the expense of other skills in order to observe the limit.  Skills reduced from 1 are kept at 0.

Innate Skills Not Initially Present

If a character starts out with a specific absence of skills that are assumed innate, such as Literacy, they may take ATs in this skill and improve it as per the system. When the skill reaches level 4, it is then considered innate and can be removed from the character sheet and all skill counts.