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Misha (5)
First use of Zack
A Zack is a suit, and the name of what Zustra protects against.

Something comes from under the forearm; he has claws that extend from the fingers (that's harder to activate); something similar to the forearm weapon is on the shins; he has toe claws; something from the knees; something from the heels.  The forearm and shin weapons are about the length of that limb, as if it were stowed along the limb; the claws (hands and toes) are about 3 cm long; the heel is about 4 cm.

Most medical monitors stop the suit from working, but that commdots don't affect it at all.  I.e. you can't wear anything significant under it.  A handkerchief worn over the breast will prevent it triggering, and in dangerous situations they can just reach in and remove it.  Helia has preferred a necklace -- when she wears it outside, the suit is active.
NS (12)
Can handle atmospheres down to 2 ("Very Thin")

Misha (5) Interrogation of Jan Zustra
Secret society who Watch, Guard, Protect
Misha (6) A Zustra talks about zacks
Man in black hooded robe teleports in and out.
Misha (24)
Expecting black ship

NS (22)
Robert VIP
Start of VIP here
NS (23a)
Comm Center


Source Significance Notes
Misha (17)
Initial stateroom assignments

Misha (37)
Has "fast alert message" button which uses the power drain one-way communication to ship
Misha (46)
 Climbing Wall
Helia and Mich built a climbing wall in the Solarium.
Misha (57)
Stateroom assignments

Misha (74)
Upgrades to sensors, laser, stealth mode as part of The Agreement
NS 1
Spatial Anomaly Sensors
Cover diameter of orbit 7
NS 16
Analytical Tool
Size of small fridge
NS 16
Firing unspace hole
Gear to do this is in engineering shop
NS 21
Shield Strength
Take 100 x 10kt simultaneous nukes to drop shields
C 3
Restocked at Zett with 30-35 battledress (25 to be in use), FGMP-15, other arms
C 3
Remote viewpoint shares some systems with lasers
C 7
Power cube
1m on side
C 13
Kalida can fire burst of 2
N 19
Note fron Norris
document on Archduke Norris' stationary, personally signed by him, that is a waiver from inspection or detention of Nightshade by all Imperial authorities good until the end of 1125.  The latter also says that they are not required to file flight plans, or reveal port of date of last or previous call.
C 30
does not just fizzle in empty space, a bright flash and radiation
C 35
Battle Stations
normal crew positions during battle
C 33+


Meson bursts on the shields cause overpowering and afterglow proportional to shield load.  Five simulateous turn status to purple
"five of which blast simultaneously at the exterior of the shields.  On the engineering board the feel turns slightly purple, holding but heavily loaded, with a slight weakening after the shot that takes about 30 seconds to recover.  There's a bright visible ripple propagating in the shields from the hit area, and the afterglow is strong.  It feels prickly and uncomfortable in sparkly pink."
"Meson gunfire explodes all around Nightshade.  The shields load heavily but hold, taking a full minute to recover to full strength after the fusillade.  The systems are stressed, but holding.  Shark wonders if it's stressing the engineer more than it is the shields.
    Mich is certainly stressed -- he reports that with the current level of fire, if it lands just right it could take down the shields.  They're drawing fire from several fleets here"
"Two shots hit the shields and cause no problems, but those are followed up by four more in a good spread, weakening them a little for 30 seconds.  After that, four perfectly coordinated and spread shots from the capships land, causing big ripples -- the shields go near-blue and take a full four minutes to recover"
The Motmos capships deliver 5 meson gun shots directly on Nightshade's shields, perfectly coordinated.  The shields go down for the first time -- there's a big flash, and the shields dissapate visibily.  To those in sparkly pink, this is much more than just a prickly feeling.  It's not enough to be distracting, but it feels like they could really use some sunscreen.
    Thanks to Mich, however, there is no internal damage as he shunts the overload around.  He can't give a realistic estimate of how long it will take to get the screens back up.
Mich has managed to get the screens back up at about 60%, just in time to take two more meson gun hits.  The shields take the hits and immediately go right back down again.  Mich deflects the overload so there is no damage. (took 25 mins to repair)
In return, the Imperial rebels land seven perfectly coordinated shots on the shields.  The shields go down right away, and will be down for quite some time.  Through some miracle of engineering skill, Mich manages to avoid any permanent damage to the ship. (hour and a half to get them back up)
C 44
Psi shield
Passive Nightshade blocks 95% of psionics

C 14-15
Short jump
first one, 2.5 days, post-jump fog, cleared with shockwave
twists jump grid into other dimension, pulls energy from jumpspace dimensions to fulfill Quilton equations
C 14
Normal Jump
duration is 5.5 days exactly
C 15
short jump
after <12 hours, 2hrs to align emitters, 20 mins stabilized
C 17
short jump
will always be some feedback when breaking Quilton Limitation
short jump
Jumpspace stablize in a few hours; some component shifting, ok for normal jump
C 20-21
short jump
Short jumps require jump dimming.  15 min repairs, 30 mins stabilize.
C 23
short jump
45 mins to exit, one emitter out of alignment, no exit stabilize

short jump
1 hour to exit, loud bang and heavy shudder, 20 hours repair: 3 emitters replaced, all aligned, 12 hours with gravity off and some areas in vacuum.  Space flickering visibly outside.  10 hours to stablize.
C 26
short jump 3 hours to exit, smooth, 45 mins to stabilize;
1.5 hrs to exit, smooth, 1 hr to stabilize;
5 hrs to exit, smooth, 30 seconds to stabilize.
C 26
short jump Jumpspace not stablilizing, multi-dimensional standing wave.  Use Quilton energy to pull ship out, large internal explosion forward and below.
C 27
short jump
1:20 to exit, 25 mins to stabilize
45 min to exit, smooth, 25 mins to stabilize
20 min, smooth, 4 hours
2 hrs, vibration and shaking, 1:30, 2 emitters out of alignment
C 30
short jump
15 mins, smooth, 5 mins
2 hrs, slight shudder, 50 mins, no repairs needed
C 40
short jump
6 hrs, smooth, 1:05
C 43
short jump 4 hrs, smooth, 1.5 hrs
12 hrs, shudder/lurch, 20 mins, 2.5 hours to realign emitters

C 45
short jump 2 hours, smooth, 1 hour
10 hours, smooth, 3 hours

C 3
Other ships
What would be needed to repair them
C 3
Swiss Cheese
Internal details, power cube is 1.5m, has only one maneuver pod left.  Similar deck layout, bigger rooms, 12 crew.
C 3
Swiss Cheese location
Headed out of Zett with Cheese Boat after 3 days of 1g
C 3
One Hole
Details of damage.
C 3
One Hole location
0610 / Lirian set to avoid objects and not allow boarding except with code phrase "Open caraway."


Source Significance Notes
Mi 32
Possible crusader wreck
Non-specific Zhodani site
Misha (46c)
INISO sites
INISO has found some artifacts intact, and some stuff really torn up.  There appear to be caches -- stuff is left in obscure asteroid belts to be picked up.  They expect there to be ground caches somewhere but they haven't found one yet.
    Some cache locations are given.  [Count Walter von Hayden's] database lists several sites where artifacts have been found, although there ar clearly others not listed here.  They have found caches and items at Zett, Zaibon, Shionthy, and Regina .  While no other sites are listed specifically, the database does state that most are scattered around the Spinward Marches and Foreven.  There appears to be no pattern in the locations as far as current information indicates.
Misha (66 ff.)
The Contract
Negotiations start in log 66.
Misha (67)
The real history of Digitis, the Janns, the crusaders, and the local war... as told by Lap'da.
Misha (73)
The Agreement, also details of The Society operations
C 14
Analogy with scryptese

NS (15-16)
Library Cache (1)
Found at 457-973 / Rhylanor
NS (23a)
Library Cache (2, 3, 4)
1 each in Whitestar, Foreven (Carei / Carei), Spinward Marches.  In the Spinward Marches, it's probably somewhere in the Lanth - Regina - Jewell - Vilis area.

C 44
Silver Ship
Response like an echo, 10 times Kalida strength of her TK spike
Silver Ship dogfight


Source Significance Notes
Misha (5) Robert (1)
Followed at intervals by intermittent passing out from too low a dose.  3 days is normal trance.
Misha (17)
Robert (2)
Full serving of 40cc.  109-1121 to 111-1121
Misha (18-21)
Shark (1)
Bad trip.  111-1121 to 122-1121
Misha (18-19) Helia (1)
13cc.  111-1121 to 113-1121
Misha (22-23)
Robert (3)
142-1121 to 144-1121
Misha (23)
Robert (4)
144-1121 to 147-1121
Misha (23-24)
Shark (2)
148-1121 to 151-1121
Misha (33)
Robert (5)
Shark (3)
Helia (2)
One day 186-1121 joint trip with Lap'da as guide
Misha (46)
Shark (4)
271-1121 to 274-1121
Misha (64-65)
Helia (3)
to 056/057-1122.
Misha (72-73)
Robert (6)
Lost galanglic
C 10-12
Helia (4)
062-1123 to 064-1123Time out
C 12
Kalida (1)
063-1123 tio 066-1123 exceeds usual 2 days
C 13
Kalida (2)
first football reading
C 14
Kalida out
from trance on 071
C 19
Kalida (3)
080-1123 to 083-1123
C 23, 23a
Kalida (4)
black hole
095-1123 to 096  Football heavy spike, Kalida sick.  Big spike, sick bay trashed.  Big spike, heavy TK in sick bay.  Kalida died briefly, 2-3 days to recover.
C 43
Black hole, no K
Kalida without klatrin finds herself in hole, 150-1123, TK spike
C 44
Kalida, black hole, no K
investigate black hole from inside, enormous TK spike.  When she resists black hole slide, TK burst.  Splitting headache afterwards
C 45
Kalida, no K
post-Holocaust web trawling


Categories Source Significance Notes
Wonstar / Five Sisters
Misha (55b)
Local information

875-496 / Five Sisters
Misha (58)
MIning claims
Brigadier General Kalida Siena has 30 claims, including substantial lanthanum deposits and some superheavies.
Bowman / District 268
Misha (60-61) pre-Maghiz Darrian base Sagan and Jaekovic Ils-Nevronne left in charge.  Their plan is to buy an old merchant ship, take out the jump drive, and use it to scoop fuel and transport supplies.  Robert slips the fake history into the Scout Base computers, and also retroactively adds mining claims for several promising asteroids.
Tthe pre-Maghiz Darrian ship is Rathzelmes, a Darrian ship.  It's last flight was after the colony at Bowman didn't get their regular supply ship for thirty days.  This ship was dispatched from the colony to find out what happened, since it was the only jump capable ship in system.  They were just planning to drop off supplies at the belt base, but had suffered meteorite damage to engineering and docked for repairs.  That was the last log entry.
Regina / Regina
NS (5)
Eagle's Nest

Mora / Mora
C 49
Eagle's Nest
There appears to be a branch of the same Eagle's Next club at Mora, although Regina is the original.
Fosey / Mora
NS (10-12)
The Rock
Imperial Sunburst, eight stars in an octagon around it.  Due to go into service in 502.
Rhylanor / Rhylanor
NS (17)
Aliya Enli
The place to shop on Rhylanor
Valhalla / Rhylanor
NS (18)
Talking Plants
Referenced in a Willi Marsh work
C 8
Applied for membership
C 45
Complete details
C 51
Information from the Countess of Maitz


Categories Source Significance Notes
C 13
in jumpspace
C 13
Jumpspace discussion
Bainsworth Postulates, Quilton Limitation
C 16
jump drive model
Forsythe Reduction
C 17
book list
includes author Sally Forsythe

N 19
Message to Vanessa
Her cousin on Jewell, information on Nakege and sends it via xboat to her heir, Vanessa, on Jewell.  This includes notes about Tussinian decision and other relevant matters, would arrive 213-1123
N 19
Sometimes uses psionics in considering The Web even not under klatrin
C 46
Checkpointed for brain restored clone

C 20
Publication of information about Anastasia in obscure trade journal around 084-1123.  Deliberate errors.

Personalities &c

Categories Source Significance Notes
Baba Yaga
Misha (63)
Crew and ship
Naming crew, describing ship.
Trow Backett
NS (19)
INISO after him

Duchess of Rhylanor
NS (22)
Misha, Swords
Duchess interest in swords, Misha gets on well with her
Duke of Trin
C 18
Mora office
run by Bob Hackett
Duke of Trin C 20
Rhylanor office
run by Penny Whistle
Baroness Arahani
C 27
on Ianic
until at least 221
Eduard, Lord Adabicci C 28 Background Shark looks up personal history
Mora area nobility
C 48-49
Various noble families
Count of Nexine family
Countess Judi Tarassi of Maitz (more in C 50)
Count of Carey (rumored not to have obeyed summons to Mora; actually at Eagle's Nest with married actress)
Captain Elias Garothion, Lord Brody, a staff officer on Strephon’s Hand.
Rorise family
C 50
He's in his forties.  He and his wife don't visit the capital often.  Paid for Princess Suite in a Mora hotel for Bridgehead and daughters.

C 52
Angela, Lady Rorise (22)
Dame Erica (19)
After wedding will be:
Baron and Baronesses Bridgehead, Lady and Lord Rorise

C 53
Rorise residents
Family and long-term Butler

C 53
Succession of title
What-ifs and specific titles, legal implications

C 53
Wedding gifts
[Registry is] mostly furniture, china, and housewares.  There seem to be two sets of taste represented, modern and traditional.  Robert adds a full set of Gavrolovitch novels to the list.  Some pet rabbits would be nice to add to the list too.  He thinks a signed first edition of the last Gavrolovitch novel would make an excellent gift.  He'll pciks up a copy and then makes sure "Gavrolovitch" signs it specifically for the occasion of the Baron's wedding on the particular date.  It's a truly perfect example of the author's signature and writing.

C 53
Angela and Erica at UoM
[Shark investigate] other activities the daughters were engaged in while at the University of Mora.  Were they playgirls or what?  Were they playing the field or did they actually have a thing for older guys?  There's very little on either, but nothing on Erica.  Angela was involved in sports, played for the UoM Cricket Team and athletics in pole vaulting.  Nothing social, not that he has found yet in the papers.
    Kalida joins in to help him, and the two of them working together are more successful.  The girls weren't involved much in the noble social scene, not directly anyway.  They were involved in a number of clubs and societies.  They are both members of the UoM Alumni Country Club and the UoM Cricket Club.  They are both members of the Eagle's Nest, but there are not reports of them ever being seen there.
    Robert checks the member list and finds they were sponsored by the Duchess of Mora, the Marquis of Moran, and Baroness Sumdobi (a local noble of little significance).  Their parents are not members; the daughters each received membership for their 16th birthday.  This is not at all common practice among other Marquis families.

Sir Arken Hauther
C 49
on Leader
On Leander at time of Mora crisis

C 8
Pirate base was at Calit

C 28
Kalida looks up personal history
Santanocheev C 38
fake interview

Santanocheev C 39
Norris evidence
Details of the evidence against Norris

C 6
Told about Crusaders, wants to meet them, joins crew on Walkabout on 044-1123
C 26
Searching the IFSS database:
-- glowing rock
-- asteroid with red maltese cross
Jack C 43a
Brown box
Jack finds Brown Box details, shares with Kalida.  Jack can pick up some meaning from brown box comms, if Robert records them.
Jack C 43a specialty
“I kind of specialize in signs of strange life forms and signs of their civilizations”
Jack C 43a from IFSS and Nightshade sources
Jack can come up with interesting ancient places to visit.  She’s seen written scryptese.


Source Significance Notes
C 6
Lianne base
Description of some internal features, including entrance


Categories Source Significance Notes
Mi 65b
Style guide
How various languages are represented in the log.

Mi 65
Substantial conversations in this language.
Willi Marsh
N 17
Rhylanor incident

Hinay crisis
C 26
IFSS diplomacy resulted in peace

Battle of Tussinian
C 30 to C 38

Battle of Tussinian C38, C 38a
Fleet strengths

C 39
Legal details of INISO and their authority

C 40
Vonish and INISO discuss validity of voting that set up INISO

Boarding action
C 37
Personal firefight
How the crew react and behave in an intense close range firefight

Brown Box
C 39
and Jack tells Kalida she can break it in 39a
Brown Box C 41
experiments with simulating a ship for it

C 8
New items
Summaries and details of many
C 27
New item
Robin Sherwood and Berlin active, on rampage in Vilis subsector.  News reaches Adabicci by 131-1123


Misha (60) Pre-Maghiz Darrian ship used gravitic containment for jump energy rather than zuchai crystals.

-cam MW