The Bridge

Dramatis Personae

This is a brief and incomplete outline of who's who during the fictional bridge between campaigns.


This will be a brief introduction to the people of the Anastasia.

The Characters

Characters in The Bridge

Character Description Notes Where are they now?
William Avon Gunner Survives
Alice Civilian from Lirian Survives
Sir Bridgehead "The GrandAm."  Highly skilled and highly opinionated doctor. Tending the wounded, including himself
David Brock Missing at misjump
Gerard Delaney The Captain Dead at misjump
Linda Gregson Teenage computer whiz Dead in landing
Paula Harris Assistant Engineer Mich's girlfriend Dead at misjump
Steve Howard Communications Specialist Dead at misjump
Jack Dead at misjump
Jill Missing at misjump
Joe Brock's TDS mentor Missing at misjump
Kara Marine Dead at misjump
Richard Martin Crew Member Dead in landing
Helen Merrick Flight Officer Sir Bridgehead's girlfriend Dead at misjump
Jeffry Peterson Crew Member Dead at misjump
Jenny Roberts Crew Member Survives
William Rufus IFSS Diplomatic Agent Wants to link back up with IFSS Dead at misjump
Mich Saginaw Chief Engineer Badly injured
Teri Marine Badly injured
Vana Marine Commanding Officer Missing at misjump
Varda Marine Missing at misjump
Bill Wedgewood Crew Member Dead at misjump
Various Scorpionis Marines Troops on board the Anastasia Many dead or missing at misjump; remainder died during descent

Characters Who Left at Vilis

Character(s) Where Are They Now? Where Do They Go From Here?
Chiang Ho and NoName High Passage to Spirelle Pick up the Woodstock, then retire to detached scout duty and studying TDS principles.
Threasis Fostriades and Lia High Passage to Spirelle Cash in investments, pick up the Hermes Far Trader, and contact Norris.  The Count and Countess Fostriades will then work independently for the Emperor in the region of the Marches.