Voyage of the Mauritania

A Report of the Boston Occult Society

(Spring - Summer, 1922)

Submitted by Alasdair Charles "Charlie" McNish,

direct from operatives' notes

    After the affair in Vienna, the group flew on to Holland, where my friend Algie had a nice chat with the Fokker factory.  From there the group took a ferry to England.  After spending a couple of days there, they embarked on the "Mauritania" for the voyage from Southampton to the U.S.A..

Page 1

day, April, 1922

    On board "Mauritania" from Southampton to U.S. -- Cunard Lines -- 6 days

    Man in front of us -- Count Andreiovitch (russian) -- has many bodyguards.  Then a small pear-shaped man carrying (dropping) books.  A priest boards.  We board.

    3 staterooms on A deck.  2 to a stateroom.
        Algie + Peter
        O'Reilly + Edward
        Vendredi + Duvalier

    Algie to deck - no-one there - find O'reilly
    O'Reilly to lounge - pink gin.  Algie - martini
No-one interesting.
    Big man comes in - college student - American?  Walk in door says "Lunchtime" and goes to bar.  friend - fanlnully dreaml moustache.
    Algie has a cigar.
    Ship leaves.
    Time goes on.

    The priest drops by + looks aorund.  Catholic?  O'Reilly greets him, but he nods + leaves - needs a haircut?

Page 2

(Peter watches people boarding)

    In comes a pretty woman (30's), on her own.  Algie introduces himself - Margaret Alvarez - Algie blathers as to his business - she apparently knows what it is from his description?  She's American, returning from holiday in England.

    Dinner - A Deck dining room
    (Count Andreiovitch (Tsar's "son?" "cousin") served by own people + has a food-taster)

    Margaret joins us.  Father in publishing (papers + books) Visits England once a year

    O'Reilly notices that the priest does not stay for dinner... he's weird, not very available, just looking + sulking aorund.

    Dancing, walk along deck.
    Algie makes a pass at Margaret - does not return to his room that night.

next day


    When Algie went back to toom - stick gone!

    Meet Margaret for breakfast.

Page 3

    Peter at breakfast in lounge, when a small round american with unkempt white hair goes to him and sits down nearby.  The exchange "good morning"  He reads a book called "Nameless Cults"

    O'Rielly at breakfast - other priest does pass through -- tries to follow him but can't.

    Lunchtime (Algie still spending an amiable time with Margaret)
    Afternoon - Algie + Margaret -- more of the same.

    O'Reilly finds the priest sitting in a lounge chair reading a bible.  He's reading the King James version - C of E.  He says "hello" with an accent (European?).  O'Reilly tries a conversation - he's not staying long in U.S., has no friends there - he tries to avoid O'R, but O'R stands with him.  He walks quickly - then stops suddenly + says "Vill you leaf me alone!" + goes away.

    Peter goes to game room to play small stalkes cribbage or other card game.  He meets two college students who want to teach him bridge, Peter is OK at bridge.  The fourth is a young woman who seems to be "chased" by the better-looking student.

    (Margaret excuses herself for a couple of hours in the afternoon)

Page 4

    Dinner Time.  Everyone there (except the seasick Vendredi)

    Someone Else has the Stick!

    See the Purser + explain stick is lost. - the man doesn't seem too bright to Algie, but to O'Rielly he seems to be faking it.  Algie offers a reward.

    Duvalier tries to locate stick via spirits.

    O'Rielly - priest comes to lounge, sees him + leaves.
    A professor sits at table near him, sit's down, + reads book "Nameless Cults".

    Edward tries to monopolise Margaret - both of us? (Ed + Algie)
    All three stroll on deck.  Both go in for drink.
    Eventually Algie leaves.
    Edward has a wonderful evening - he searches room - no stick.  Nothing suspicious.

next day

    Algie searches his room - no stick - so waits for cleaning staff. - didn't see stick - make it clear there's a reward.
    Duvalier wanders looking for stick - finds apparently the Count has a large portion of deck cordoned off for shuffleboard.

Page 5

    O'Reilly notives that priest is very interested in this game.

    There's a yacht shadowing the ship - it's not answering calls or light signals apparently.  looks like a northern port ship - cold weather - heavy bow, etc. - Russian?  It's not flying a flag.

    O'Rielly notives preist try to get to shuffleboard area.  Pulls out pistol + shoots steward.  O'Reilly runs at him.  Someone throws a hand grenade.  Edward notes who threw it + takes cover.  Duvalier ducks.
    O'Reilly smashes into the priest/gunman - they go over.  One of the shuffleboard spectators jumps up + kicks the grenade overboard.  The bodyguards start shooting.
    The grenade goes off overboard.  The priest's helpers are dead + the preists are rolling around fighting.  The priest shoots O'Reilly + breaks the grasp.  O'Reilly plays dead.  The other priest rolls overboard.
    Vendredi throws a dart at him + misses.
    O'Reilly gets up + First Aid's himself.
    Edward looks back at the yacht, which is closing - he tells the bridge crew about it, but the Mauritania is leaving them behind.

    The Count thanks O'Reilly directly.

    O'Rielly goes back to his cabin where the doctor will attend him.

Page 6

    The yacht picked up the chap + left.
    Ed checks w/the stweard - is there an investigation? Yes! He wonders if the stick ("trick stick w/weapon") has fallen into evil hands? Perhaps his staff could look for it - was stolen.


    Edward relaxes w/Margaret

    Algie goes to a lounge + reads.  See man reading "Nameless Cults."  He's Harvard Professor Alvin Patterson.  Algie tells him he has read "The Magus" - discusses it.

    O'Reilly invited to Captain's table.

    Algie invited by Alvin in watching him do a ritual tonight - mentions this to Duvalier.
    Dinner.  the usual, except for O'Reilly.

    "Women are only there to fill the time between sanity drops" -- Algie Armstrong

    Algie + Duvalier will go to ritual.  DSuvalier says that the book is v. dangerous.
    Algie writes a note + leaves it in his coat pocket in his room.

Page 7

Evening of day 3

Jean Duvalier + Algie go to Professor's stateroom.

    He's begun the ritual - sitting on floor, brazier in front smoking - a candle - a large magnifying glass to focus the light on the wall.  Incense, etc..
    Asks us to sit down.
    This is Glass of Mortland which will show a vision on wall - answer to questions - but Glass not under control totally + can show what it wants.
    (Ritual from a different book - The Zanthru Tablets.)
    Mixes stuff in brazier, reads chant, etc. - doing more a "chemical experiment" style than a mystical one.
    OK diene(?) -
    Algie: "Who has the <stick>?"
        Vision forms - people in sailor uniform involved in chant + dance - machinery + pipes + stuff - Algie memorizes location.  Vision fades.
    Jean: "What are the consequences of drawing from this book?"
        Vision - dancing + chanting - naked - chanting gets louder + louder _ another vison fades in - cast oceans starry voids - chanting louder - something condenses - dark slimy, tentacles - Prof wants to stop vision. - creature - Professor takes brazier, dumps over canlde w/puts it out, + vision fades.
    Algie leaves, Duvalier wants to purify place byt Prof wants to investigate, so leave....

Page 8

    Peter borrows some knives.  Algie gets a cane for Peter.  Duvalier, Peter, + Algie go to recover stick.

    Through "no admittance", down, back, + find engines?  Gets dark.  Wander around.  Get lost for 20 minutes.

    Get back.  1 am.  Wake lawyer + priest.

    Discuss options.

    Hear noise at door.  Peter opens it - the listener takes off.  We chase + chase + chase but he escapes into ship.
    Burst into room - 3 w/knives.  Algie stabbed.  Step back, slam door, slash @ a hand (miss) + run!

    Peter is tackled.  He fight back as Algie returns carefully.  Peter swings with the cane, + struggles to get clear.
    Algie sets a trap, stabs the one chasing him.
    Peter bites an attacker.
    Algie stabs his attacker.
    Peter is stabbed.
    Algie is stabbed, the attacker goes down, search him - pendant, + stone thing in pocket + knife.  Take them.
    Peter dies.
    Algie runs.
    One catches him - Algie kills him with two blows and a cry of "Mighty Cthulhu aid me!"
    Algie waits for the next one, who tries to sneak up, so Algie runs.  Algie escapes to passenger area.

Page 9

    Algie tries to find someone in authority, who takes him to sick bay - tells him about where was ambushed.

    O'reilly summons a steward + tells him what he knows.  The steward is led where Duvalier lost track.
    Can't find Purser - wake Asst. Purser, - why is Purser missing?  who knows!
    Go back + sleep


    Duvalier arrives at O'reilly's cabin.  They look for Purser.  Still not in office or room, but there is an Asst. Purser there.  They've started a search for Peter + assailant in lower decks.  Algie is in infirmary.
    They see Algie.  He tells him story.
    O'Reilly asks if anyone was purser?  No, they were all South Pacific type guys.

    Algie pulls out the pendant and stone thing -

    Pendant - strange - has occult meaning, but - symbolizes membership in a cult. - stylized animal face - monkey?  Made of reddish clay.

Page 10

    Stone thing - small black stone w/some carving (writing?)
    Algie crits Cthulhu Mythos! it is:
    A magical item which has spell or spells in it + some way to activate them.

    Duvalier goes to mix a remedy - + sees a body being brought in.  O'Reilly looks at it - it's the Prof.  He hung himself.

    Duvalier checks Prof's room - locked.  Fetches remedies.

    O'Reilly looks for Purser.
    Purser's office -- there's a purser!!  Tells Purser about stick, + concerned about Prof's death - glass missing?  if so, murder!  He wants statements from everyone.
    P collects people + go get statement from Algie.

    Duvalier arrives w/the "remedy" - Algie claims he's his personal physician so the doctor lets hin in.  Tastes foul, alchohol, drugs, etc....

    Duvalier's statement is taken - truth.  Adds coner(?) of at least two arcane books + mystical equipment.

    Algie feeling great, but too incoherent for statement.

Page 11

    Prof's cabin - rope still there - less smell, but verything still there?.  Therefore genuine suicide!  Wow! (The gear will be locked up)

    Edward wanders around for a while, finds note saying "We're in the infirmary" + goes there.

    O'Reilly "wants" to exorcise the room + tries to contact the Asst. Purser, who would have to contact Purser to unlock it.  Where's the Purser?  Who knows?  But he should be back later that day.
    He isn't there.  This evening?
    He isn't there.  Cabin - not there.  Purser is missing
    Talk to Asst Purser
    Steward arrives + fetches AP = down some decks to Deck E, + into room - people crowded - some v. bloody killing in there (a woman travelling there) - some ripper?
    O'Reilly leads assemble people in prayer for hte dead.

    AP goes to find P, w/O'Rielly + Grayson.  AP yells @ secty + yells "Where is ________?"  Secxy doesn't know.  Goes to Capn + explains etc etc, -
    O'Rielly + Grayson talk to Capn + try to convince him what is going on. - how serious it is, how important to check Prof's room, also consider that P is in trouble, + check crew manifest for South Seas origin person (cult)

Page 12

    Prof's room - the brazier + glass + book (for ritual) are all gone!  (P should have removed them)  Other books now taken to vault.
    (Psych - Capn is concerned, "in the dark," concerned that need to follw their advice.)

    Walk route to vault (by P's office). Capn returns to duty.

    Officers will examine South Seas people informally - don't want to interrogate all of them.
    Edward settles down to weatch P's office from waiting area.  O'R will take over later.

    Algie wants to get up + find the book, glass, etc to use to find the P.  They don't want him to leave.  Duvalier tells the medical staff to keep Algie here because he has delusions.
    Duvalier fetches O'R, + attempts to use powers to find P.

    Algie "breaks out" (w/pendant + stone) + goes down to where he was assulated.  There's nothing there, so he searches.

    Duvalier tries to locate P.  Rituals don't work.
    (O'R prays + meditates) after Ducalier believes himself to be cursed + his powers are affected - wants to be blessed.  O'R does this.  It doesn't do much for Duvalier.

Page 13

    Duvalier goes to infirmary to check on Algie.  He's gone - he ran out of here an hour ago.
    Duvalier tells O'R + Edward, then tries to locate Algie w/aid of a blood-soaked bandage for the ritual.  He does as far along as he knows, then tries to locate him.  The ritual doesn't work.
    Duvalier + Grayson look for Algie - follow smell of medicine, trail of lights, open doors, etc.
    D + G keep looking - down + to rear, generally.  Wander for an hour w/no sign.  Hear  engines, but not clear where.  _1 am.  Talk to one of the crewmen - + say looking for a crewman to return his wallet?  Get dirns to crew quarterws.  Follow dirns, no crew quarters.
    Next crewman.  looks nasty, so avoid him.  Next man - explain that man who's really drunk charged off to find friends in crews cabins - trying to find him.  He leads them there.  No Algie.

    Algie has hallunicinations of being pursued by the entity, + winds up on the floor.  Follows slight sound of chanting, finds Purser leading chant w/others of South Seas origins.  Culminations - thing appears - this thin + purser looked straight at Algie!  Ack.  pass out.

    "Hook" Jackson knocks on Vendredi's door looking for the priests.  He has a message for him; they were asking questions at the murder scene - + he saw more - same room, guy leaving - about 5'10", dark-haired, 165 lbs.

Page 14

    ...murder w/kinfe - wrote on wall - "Can you stop me in two days? - The Ripper" -= chased him + lost him.  Can Vendredi's friends help?

    Vendredi hypnotises him - remembers more details but nothing really useful.

    Algie wakes up - looks around - dark - says "Mighty Cthulhu, aid me!" + stumbles over chest w/stick, glass, brazier, book, etc - takes stick, drags off chest + tries to find way up.

    Duvalier + G wander around - can't find anything - go back to infirmary - question them about Algie - he just got up + ran out, apparently.
    P's office - explain that Algie was injured, suffering from hallucination, worried about him - need to find him.  If they find him, wake Duvalier.
    Duvalier finds Jackson @ his cabin.

    Grayson goes back down to crews quarters + looks around, taking notes. - stays down there _ pretends to be sleepy (drunk?) - keeping an eye out for crew returning from ritual.

Page 15


    Grayson - crews switching.  He stays until someone wakes him, asks where his cabin is - he takes Grayson back upstairs until someone takes over, then conducted to room.  Sleeps.

    O'R has not fallen asleep, + neither has the P come back.  7am. 9am. no P
    Commotion at desk - some crew has called - said found someone sleeping on stairs, delirious, dragging a chest.  O'R goes w/steward - Algie!
    Take chest back to room.
    Algie insists on taking chest back to Charlie w/o opening, + guard it.  - wants something from Duvalier so won't have to sleep! - O'R goes to fetch him - finds that a steward is at Duvalier's room to tell him his patient has been found - they had a ripper killing last night + don't neeed any strange people wandering hte decks!

    - go to Algie's room.

    Should use glass to find Ripper?

    Duvalier looks in chest - glass, brazier, book from room.  Other than that, voodoo style occult ritual stuff.  He favors destroying items if can - esp if ship docks w/o finding Ripper, as police will impound ship.

Page 16

    Jackson goes off, + greets all white males of about hte right description with "Haven't I seen you somewhere before?"

    He bursts in with the shoes - he's got teh murderer in his cabin! - Jackson, Vendredi, Duvalier go there - nothing there!  No bindings, bed is made - no blood on shoes.
    "Saw guy on deck, followed to his cabin - slugged him, tied him up w/ripped sheets, took shoes + key..."
    Duvalier get back to Algie's room + fetch lawyer on way.  Can't wake him, no answer, so go to join V + J
    V + JAckson go back to Ripper's room.
    Search closets - v. nondescript person.
    no stains on floor, or anywhere - but check bed + no sheet!
    - go back to Algie's room, but as leaves, Duvalier puts some Powder on the inside door knob.

    "Hook" desribes Ripper - nondescript, avge height, face, build, curly brown hair.  Dressed in good casual clothers (1st class cabin).

    O'R leaves to go to room to fetch Holy Water, + find lawyer.

    Hook + O'R arrive back at Algie's room.  Hook will have a steward tell him who was in the Ripper's room - William Hamblyn.  O'R goes to fetch lawyer - ~11 am

    All back at Algie's.  Duvalier concocts something to keep Algie awake + gives it to him to take when he needs it.  Duvalier goes out, fetches a coffee urn, + brings it back.

Page 17

    Before he's back - steward w/message for this room.  Vendredi goes to door, opens it a bit + goes out + gets message.  - "You missed me, you missed me, now you've got to kiss me - The Ripper"
    Duvalier arrives with the coffee.
    Discuss the Ripper's next move - perhaps Margaret??? He prob. wants to taunt us, + kill again... but we can't protect anyone really.
    Duvalier suggests using the Glass.  Algie reads the ritual.  We can come up with all we need for ritual - but strong warnings that v. dangerous - don't have control of glass - so if some powerful being decides it wants to show something else, the glass will.  There's a reference that the ritual costs a piece of your soul.
    What do we want to know?
        - How do we find the Ripper? - How do we catch him?
        - How do we neutralize the Ripper?
    But the lgass shows past, + present to a certain extent.
        - How did he escape?  What are his weaknesses?  Where is he?  The glass itself is not important - it is the brazier that has been enchanted... could could cast w/any piece of glass.

    Edward goes to fetch Margaret to bring her back - be she's too well "attended".
    - There's a dead lady (maid) in Ed's room - w/a note "Not my style" (the Ripper's handwriting)
    Duvalier checks it out.  No way to tell if she's dead or zonked by Powder.  No marks on the body.  Vendredi "hypnotizes" the body for her to forget everything that happened from time Ed entered room until she wakes up via keyword he will give her when ready to wake up.

Page 18

    Prepare Q's:
        Q: Where is he now? + what is he doing
        Q: What happened after he was tied up today?
        Q: What are his mechanisms(?)

    Algie does ritual.  Fails.  ACK! [-6 POW]  Try again.  Pass out.

    Duvalier tries - nothing happens.
    He burns the books, smaskes the brazier + crystal, _ destroys all in trunk except for brazier + melts it + break into pieces.
    Strom(?) stuff, which thrown overboard w/melted silver.  Destroy chest too.

    Rumour - there's been another killing!


    O'R returns to his room.  Maid still there.  Will remain in cabin for rest of voyage.

    The rest go eat.

    Jackson + Vendredi go see the AP - ask about Hamblyn - no indication of profession ("Mr" not "Dr").  Jackson describes him - should have bruise on chin - go down to the room - go in - nothing unusual.
    Police will come aboard before ship docks, but can't do much else.

Page 19

    William Hamblyn's passport is English.  The physical description fits.  Travelling 2nd class.
    Second killing also fo a woman, in 3rd class again.  Message was ha ha ha ha ha ha etc all over the place.  Killed by deep neat slash across neck - the act of a strong man.

    Jackson + Vendredi check 2nd class lounges, aft to front.  Takes most of evening.  No sign of him.  Aagh!  Should have checked 3rd class ones!
    Check 3rd class - cafeteria.  People there, not recognize.  Wanders through 3rd class + back up.
    Midnight.  Sleep.  Lock door, etc.


    Where sleep: Priest/Lawyer/Maid (rigor mortis not set in, so not dead!); Voodoo/Hypnotist; Algie; + Jackson in 2nd class.

    1/2 hour later (12:30 am), man goes running down 1st class corridors, banging on doors, saying there's been another killing.
    Edward checks it out, also Vendredi.  Duvalier goes to priest's room.
    Murder - another pretty young single woman in 3rd class - just like other two - wrote on wall "I love my work" (in blood)

    Edward returns + talks with Duvalier.

    Vendredi goes to wake up Jackson.  Tells him there's been another murder.  Both go to check.

Page 20

    Down to third - lots of people - but site closed off.  To dining room.  Lots of people.  Hamblyn not there.  Drink some coffee.

    Ed + Duvalier check passenger list for suitable other victims -

2:30 am

    O'R + Duv hear loud cracking - somthing getting into a nearby room.  Creep to door - peek out - hallway.  Noises at Algie's room - door smashed.  Duv goes to check, O'R covers the door.
    Duvalier looks in - screams!  O'R looks in - nothing there! No Algie.  Take Duv back to the room.  Talk to him, but he's not capable of responding.  O'R feeds him some Irish Whisky, + he comes round a bit - he saw a big horrible brown huge thing with Algie over his hsoulder, like ape or something - walked away + faded out.
    O'R remembers something like that - something that was summoned onto someone, took them + vanished out.  Return to room - draw pentagram on floor, + set day-bed (w/maid) there, + O'R + Duv ago in too.  Duv starts on every protection rite he can.

    Ed discovers 150 or so possible victims (from list).

    Jackson checks Hamblyn's room.   Knock, no answer, locked.  Vendredi picks the lock.  The room is empty.  Go by Steward, + ask for coffee to take back to room.  Go back to Duv's room.  No door on Algie's room, + Algie gone.

Page 21

    Knock on O'R's door.  "Go away!" the answer comes.  They tell him what got the door next door, _ tell them to go away.  Repeatedly.  Jackson thinks they're mad.
    Go to first class lounge, + set up bridge game w/Vendredi + two marks.

3:30 am

    Screaming starts all over ship.  Lights go out everywhere.  (candles at points of pentagram work.)
    Ed in transit back to his room.  Heads outside.
    Ship in general panic.
    Vendredi fashions a torch from tablecloth + chair leg.

    Someone trying to come in O'R's + Duv's room.  Forced - O'R blasts the vaguely humanoid shapes.  Lots of them.  O'R keeps blasting, + the bodies pile up in doorway.

    - V + J were at an aft lounge.  go on to deck.

    - Back at room - clearing bodies, so O'R blasts them - the creatures leave with their bodies.  O'R closes door.

    - V+J hear people jumping overboard. - see people climbing over railing + jumping in - fairly calmly.  Just a few people.  They go overboard + disappear in night.

Page 22

    An hour later - lights come back on.

    -V+J - no missing liferaft - no sign where the people jumped over.  go back to O'R's room.

    - Ed goes back to O'R's (+ his) room - Algie's door smashed - give two short + one long knock. he comes in.

    -V+J arrive. _ are let in reluctantly.
    O'R notices some little stone things scattered outside door - little stone tablets tha were in box thrown overboard - Ed postulates that the tables are the dead creatures.
    Jackson gathers them + puts them in a box.
    - more likely that creatures came back w/ tablets - a signal for the creatures to come for them - same as table Algie had taken from sailor.
    So what do with tablets now?  Ed seals them in wax, so don't contact water?

5 am

    Coming into port.

    Late morning - police want to talk to "Hook" Jackson.

    Stewards want to know where Algie is - vanished during panic - maybe jumped overboard?

    The maid eventually recovers + remembers nothing.

Page 23

    Jackson does not see Hamblyn come ashore.  Police says hasn't picked up passport - jumped ship?

    Home to Boston.  As train pulls away - see Hamblyn waving at him from platform.

    Duvalier staying in NYC.

    Next day newspaper shows "Cruise from Hell" 2 missing, 3 women dead, bunch of South Pacific crewmen found dead.

    Charlie looks @ tablets - for contacting deep ones - throw in ocean + deep ones bring them back.  Put in vault - 4 tablets.
    - do not destroy them.  BAD THING. - it's a curse to destroy them.
    - if keep them, start having bad dreams.
    So - donate to Miskatonic University.