A Report of the Boston Occult Society

(Late Summer, 1922)

Submitted direct from operatives' notes (Jennifer Ashley-Jones)

Page 24

So - B.O.Soc. is a year older:

    Charlie + Betty (yes)
    Father O'Reilly (yes)
    Duvalier in NYC - doesn't want anything to do with us
    Louis Vendredi (yes) - on retainer
    Edward Gregson - Returned to practice.
    Hook Jackson - lives in Boston.  Hire him?

    Karen Clement - Charlie visited while at hospital - she read dispatches from Algie - interested in joining in.  Job?  Taken on.

day, <late summer>, 1922

Page 1

    Sally Monroe - Bessamin, VT has conspiracy.

    Go there as friend.

    Buy shotgun - train fr. Boston to Conn river, there to Barnet, to Orleans, bus to Irisburg, hire local driver.

    Car - single street - children look up + run away - one a mongoloid idiot, - lizard w/ two legs torn off.
    Man - cleft foot, full of sores.  Woman blind, raw sockets - poor nasty place.
    Nice house "Monroe" - w/undergrowth around it - Sally + uncle(?) John lives here.
    John Monroe welcomes.
    Moved here in 1902 - "Bessaminites" - unfriendly - ostracised for 1st year - not friendly until 1916 when fire - he stopped fire - charged in to save baby - but chap more upset by dog loss than son.  Adopted, but still don't let in to secrets.
    Verandah - local whisky - sunset.  "Like in Celephais" says John.

    To sleep, perchance?

Page 2

    Wake to loud bang!
    People talking outside door?

    Vendredi's door bursts open - people rush in, bundle him up + carry him out!  Also Father O'R!
    Also Jenny (she shoots one!) + Sally
Carried downstairs and down stairs + stuff.  People chain us in basement + take everything from us!  Old woman to guard us.  Along one wall series of manacles.
    Talk to Father in Latin - she says "shut up + shoots shotgun
Vendredi hypnotises her.

    U. John appear - expt - tub full of water.  Slimy thing appears.  - Octopus-like w/4 tentacles - bulging human head stares + us + Sally.  Vendredi tells old lady to shoot it but she doesn't.  Creature zips back to tub.  Leaving him (it) here tonight.  To get and to us - he will be grandfather of next human race - Sally + I grandmother?

    O'Reilly + Jenny appear in Celephais Library.
    Jenny learn spell @ 2 MAG - communicate w/anythingh for ~5 mins, Luck to make work.
    Learn "The Awful Doom of Cerrit."

Page 3

    Wake up in hospital - flipped out - O'R comes to see me.

    O'R - heads w/pseudopods - read book - learns interesting methods for breeding human w/demons.

    Go see King to looks for John Monroe.  Send out APB for him.
    Stay @ palace.
    Couple days find U. John.
    Trial - U. John ?aptime?, can't find 700 steps, etc.

    Wake up in basement.

    John lets us go.

    As he walks out, hit him with TADOC.

    He shoots shotgun wildly - we let him go - have not relieved him ?ing? ?downliting? (not enrolled at Mish U., so...)

    Search house.  O'R fins bodies - Cthulhu bodies - + tools etc for Occi's keeping, inc. bucket of fish.
- donate to the new Ashley-Jones Aquariumn @ Miskatonic.

Page 4

Talk to Occi via Jenny.

    Nice big tank @ Misk U. - nice house near M.U., + well fortified etc.
    O'R will teach him religion.  level of moronic human + can speak a bit.

    Tell Mark Morrison about Occi's origin.

-- Sally speaks - while in sanitarium + finds uncle was swindling out of $k's/mo, + goes to school to learn about money

    Never ever word on Uncle John.