Darkness on Cold

Part Six

Boston Occult Society: Independent Agent's Journal

(Spring, 1930)

Recorded by Carrie Walker

Friday, April 11th, 1930

    Train to Utica, rent car from there.  Rocky, Gary, Bo, + myself.

    On train, get telegram that Nigel will meet us @ Utica.  Knows situation + agrees to help.

    Wait @ station for Nigel, after 30 minutes no Nigel.  Will be dark soon - can['t wait.

    Lezve message for Nigel.  Bo gives inocuous but informational message w/station master "We couldn't wait.  We've gone on."

    Bo helps Rocky buy a motorcycel for too much money, but it is in better than average shape.

    Check into hotel.
    Will meet next train fr/Boston, but he's not on it.

Sat 12th Apr 1930

    Leave after breakfast.

    Arrive in Camden via an unintentional roundabout route.