A Report of the Boston Occult Society

(Fall, 1922)

Submitted direct from operatives' notes

Page 43

Thursday 22nd Oct 1922

    Betty's sister Iris calls from Buffalo, NY + bubbles - something has happened to Iris' son who has disappeared - pleaded that Betty come to Buffalo + hung up.  Betty tries calling back but no answer.

    Karen in hospital.
    Jenny hurt but OK.
    Charlie's hurt but OK.
    Everyone else dead or mad (Grayson in Dreamlands).

    So - to go - Charlie, Betty, Jenny, Kevin Fitzpatrick (seminary student, worked w/O'Reilly), Anton Vivid (Hungarian parapsychologist who's been bothering us _ we meet on way out of house to plane)
    Then an IRS agent arrives - Sigmund Murkle.

    Buffalo - land.

    Drive to house of Iris + Robert Cramer, whose only child Matthew has disappeared.

    Old bvut quaint home - large wood + stone - dark brown with black trim, 2 floors, garage, garden in back.
    No answer - Betty take key from rosebushes + opens it. - No-one home.
    Living room.
    Search - find article about Matthew Cramer disappearing...
    Also find - in M's bedroom - neat, pictures of girl on dresser, awards for football; love letters from "Susan". package of cigarettes (Marlboro).
    - master bedroom is a mess, as if people had left in a hurry.

    while walking, abducted.  9:30pm in park - scream + struggle, large truck left - Miss Susan Derrow in state of shock found by police, 300 yds from last observed spot - no trace of M.  (honor student, capt. football team) - disappearance one of several that happened in or around Delaware Park area.
    Body of young man found by Lavina Burrouhs identified as that of William Myers - vanished on Oct 13 in park - honor student, active in school sports.  Memorial service at Murphy Campbell Funeral Parlor at 11:oo am Tuesday.  Interment at Forest Lawn Cemetary.

Page 45

    - prophet Malachai Kloss - predicted a recent major event.  Also says some predictions about politics, e.g. Nazis.  Second book due next year, "Ancient Predictions and Modern Revelations: The All In One".  (1st was "A Look To Tomorrow")

    Anton has heard of Kloss - book by Charles Raclette - "50 years of physical research" (1915) which says Kloss is a fake.

    Iris is housewife, Robert white-collar professional.

    [disappearance happened not last night but the night before]

    Betty says they're at Memorial Hospital - let's go.

    To Hospital - Cramers in Room 412, but only family allowed.  Charlie, Betty, Kevin.
    Iris pale + gaunt etc... Robert there too.  Very little rest since Matthew disappeared.
    Step into hall w/Robert.
    (Susan D in psych ward under police guard)

    Yesterday police find body of young man - not Matthew - mutilated (at Coroner's office).

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    back to lobby
    try to talk to policemen, but won't let us in.

    Need some credentials - government agent?

    Go out to morgue to see coroner -- assistant coroner is Whitaker - fast-talk - body has gone - photos - body in bad state - naked body found w/punctures in chest, hole in left side (ripped out), all bones broken, rope burns on both wrists, + scratches + bruises (all wounds inflicted before death)
    Coroner withholding info. - he thinks it's a lot like the last body pulled from the river - 17, Kenneth Wilton, disappeared Dec 29 last year (well-built boy) - but that had been in the river a long time.  He thinks both killed by some kind of animal, but supervisor disagreed.
    Recent body in river for 1-2 weeks.
    Other one a month + possibly longer.  Kenneth disappear almost a year ago.
    Neither of bodies had water in lungs, so died + then thrown in.

    Leave... now what?

Page 47

    Hotel rooms at high-class hotel - Murkle's put it on expenses?  nope; but own room -

    Anton to library, followed by Kevin.  Kevin finds a bunch of articles on Kloss.

    Anton find Kloss' book - quite specific + some have come true. - not just a rehash of Nostradamus, although he does reter to - seem not fraudulent.

    Book published a year ago - when Kenneth disappeared?

    1 room for Charlie, Betty
    1 room for Jenny
    1 room for Murkle + Kevin
    1 room for Anton

    Dinner - Anton points out that Kloss got much better about a year ago.

    Obviously Kloss is sacrificing boys for predictions. - Susan D freaked, so she saw the monster.

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