Journal of Miyara Kyosuke (5)

    It has been some time since my last journal entry.  Many things have happened that have given me cause for thought, and it is not easy to put them down here.  I may stray from the order of events, but that is not important.
    The journey was long but not hard.  More travel through barbarian lands, more tedium, more disgust.  I do not feel it is necessary to relate the details in light of what has followed.

    My search is done -- I have found the master Og.  He is dead.  This is a most unpleasant surprise, for now I cannot study under him to become a master myself.  I shall have to undertake my own training.  These lands, where the barbarians have such a primitive sense of humor, are good training grounds for clown fighting.  While refinement will have to be based on my personal self awareness, the techniques can be practiced often with these aggressive idiots.
    The most interesting development is that Og was wearing a robe with the symbol of my teacher.  This shows that what is call Clown Fighting is not a barbaric art, but a refined and honorable art that I have no shame in pursuing.  My teacher may even have taught Og himself, and withheld that from me so that I could develop it myself.  Such learning through experience, and realisation of self through inner self teaching is inherently honorable.  My task now is to master this art of Clown Fighting, build on it as my teacher would wish, and bring it back to Nippon to teach to Miyara students.

    Of course we have fought.  We have fought ogres, who were holding prisoner some other strange barbarians.  I will detail those later, when I return to regular journalling.  Perhaps I should even find their names, as it would be less confusing for readers of this journal.  We shall see.
    After the rescue of the new barbarians, we then returned to the ogre complex.  Apparently we were to retrieve some items which had been left behind.  The complex turned out to be obviously not built by the ogres themselves, but by some other race long before, probably dwarves.  There are secrets in here which the barbarians are no doubt unable to learn, but will remain mysteries.
    Hidden in the complex we did find the new barbarians' equipment, except for their weapons and some other critical items.  The barbarians also looted various other things that were found in here.

    A matter of great importance has, however, come to light.  The item which Shishei Godanji sought, and which Miyara must now retrieve, may be nearby.  Apparently it is some sort of dragon statue, and lies within what the ogres have called a goblin warren.  I must of course assist her.