Journal of Miyara Kyosuke (8)

    The hours covered here were intense.  My journal is sparse: I will return and add to this as I recall the details and can commit them to paper.

    We fought a tentacle monster demon.  Miyara told me that we had fought it before while I was hurt by the gate trap, and I was too ashamed by that to answer her.  That they did fight it off without my help is good; that I was not there to fight it off just because I was hurt is shameful.  This time we fought it off again, and I was able to contribute to the fight.
    Then we revealed what could be some kind of religious chamber of the race of white fairies of which Goru is a member.  These were not mainly white, however, but of darker skin of a more normal shade -- Goru is clearly an exception, perhaps some sort of hero to his race of short barbarians.  The murals were barbaric in form, crudely painted with no strictures or conventions, and slightly disturbing in their portrayal of strange rituals and religious observances.  I dread to think what these horrible events must be like to observe.
    In the center of this room was a very sturdy cage on a dias, perhaps for the barbaric torturings that I am sure these fairies practice in their rituals.  The cage consisted of a circle of iron bars from the dias to the ceiling, very strong and sturdy.  The center of the cage was about three feet in diameter, and there was a corresponding hole of the same size in the ceiling.  The hole clearly leads up into the ogre area.
    On the other side of the room were huge brass covered doors, each with a very disturbing carving of a face of Goru's race in the center.  These faces were about four feet high, covered with boils, and screaming.
    As it turned out, what looked at first to be doors were brass covered stone, and on the other side of the wall -- as Pireseri told us -- was a similar brass covering.  The room beyond was covered in mud, with pillars along the wall.  The stone wall was about 18" thick, with the faces carved into the stone, and then the whole covered with a layer of brass.  Perhaps they were in fact doors as they appear, but some magic may be required to open them.
    No doubt we shall have to pass through these to find Miyara's statue, but I am uncomfortable with what other demons may lurk down here.

    Nevertheless, I have honor to regain.  I must go where Miyara goes, and support her search.