Journal of Miyara Kyosuke (10)

    This entry is short.  I am still badly hurt from the searing crystal, thanks to Carimera and the certainty of barbarians to panic.  No amount of tending my wounds has healed them sufficiently -- it will take something much more capable to do that.  They are healed in that there are no open sores, but the internal damage has been too much.  I am unable to close or open them.  I can fight, and I can scoop things, but I cannot carry anything or climb -- or spring off them, as I am accustomed to do in battle.  Rawena is upset that she cannot heal them further.
    We have destroyed the white crystal and the six other blue-grey ones.  This was surely a bad thing, but the tentacle demon had left us alone now.  After many hours of healing and resting, we have explored the remainder of the lower levels.  We have found what seems to be instructions for opening the solid stone and brass "doors," but the details are still unclear.
    These papers were in the library in which we now rest, up and to the west from the stage.  The room had been looted a long time ago, and no books were left.  In a secret compartment we found two pieces of paper.  Both were in the language of Goru's race: one contained a ritual speech, the other (which crumbled from age at the rough handling from the barbarians) gave instructions for carrying out the ritual.  It involves throwing a body onto a plinth so that blood pours onto the surface and upper edges, and also blinding the eyes of the guardians of the floor with the blood.  I had expected there to be a savage ritual such as this, but hearing the details appalls me.
    What is clear is that we need to get through those doors, and while I cannot fight as effectively, I can still be in battle and draw the attention away from Miyara.  She must succeed in her goal in obtaining the small statue of the dragon, which according to the visions is in some sort of alcove.