Journal of Miyara Kyosuke (12)

    The pain in my hands continues to plague my ability to journal.  I will keep this short.
    After we had recovered from our victory over the tentacle demon, we went up the stairs and slew the ogres while they slept.  The barbarians wanted to keep one alive to torture, but Miyara thankfully killed them all before they could do that.  Most of their equipment that had been stolen was returned to them, including a red crystal they call the Sogin Roku, which Carimera took with much joy.
    Apparently this Sogin Roku has a mate, a white crystal that lies bound within the stone pillar in the octagon room.  We had to perform the barbaric ritual again to gain access -- closing the doors to the side room before we attacked the ogres again sealed the plated doors with the screaming fairies.  This is no doubt the "special feature" that will cause the faces to spew molten metal at us and earn the immense wrath of the barbarian god.
    It is now clear that the alcove that holds the dragon statue is not in this complex.  We must travel further afield, probably back to the valley of which Carimera is Queen, to find the item Miyara seeks.  There is hope that the druid there, in the stone circle, may be able to restore my hands.  I am ashamed to be so useless in my injured state.