Journal of Miyara Kyosuke (14)

    From the Druidess of Yetsin Valley, we travelled to Curutsofen in search of Etiyen Bastia.  Thankfully the barbarians have agreed to the task that Miyara has taken on my behalf first of all.  On arrival in the town, we were told that Etiyen had left his escort sometime between here and the next town downriver, Sonefutu.  When we reached that town we found that the man had left there the day before to head for Curutsofen.
    Travel back up the river was hard to arrange, as these superstitious barbarians believed it was bad luck to be on the river on the night of the double full moon.  Being barbarians, however, their convictions could easily be overcome with some shouting and bribery in the barbarian manner.  We travelled back upriver on the same boat that had taken us down.

    We arrived back in Curutsofen on the  morning after the double full moon night.  Unfortunately Etiyen (who the barbarians insist on calling Bastia, despite never having known him personally for such familiarity) is dead.  His body was found in a locked room.
    We examined the place of his death and his body, and came to the conclusion that he had been killed many times over -- poisoned, bludgeoned, stabbed, and shot with a dart full of acid.  Such circumstances would be amusing if it were not for my undischarged debt of honor.
    Now, however, we are to remain in town until the matter is resolved.  The suspicious barbarians eventually accepted that we were out of town when he died, but are uncomfortable that we should have been seeking the dead man on the night he died.
    As Ashu sniffed on the ground like a dog, and the barbarians followed Etiyen's trail around town and found that he went only to and from the docks, his hotel, and Doctor En Tesan's office and house.
    Since Miyara has been charged on my behalf to find out what happened to Etiyen, this investigation is important.  We headed to the Doctor's house to continue our work.