Journal of Miyara Kyosuke (16)

    It has been a day of social business.  We went to speak to the elf, Reefugo.  He runs a small colony of artists at the northern edge of town.  He invited us to dinner.  This of course concerned me because he had perhaps poisoned Bastia.
    Goru had another one of his visions, this of five hands crushing a black flower that represented Bastia.  Rawena became quite agitated at this, thinking since she had found only four causes of death, that she had missed one.
    Then, Petara Dra, the pudding maker, told Pireseri about seeing the Doctor Tesan in disguise with Bastia as Bastia was leaving.  Hosei returned to speak to the doctor -- he has a good way with these simple people, and clearly has something in common with the mage healer.
    Rawena re-examined the body, and found that Bastia had been poisoned twice with manbane.  So we now know that Bastia was killed in several ways.  Reefugo poisoned him in the meal; Dr. Tesan poisoned him with delayed effect with medicine; he was darted, probably by Tausika; he had a blow to the head; and he was stabbed with a weapon style dagger (not an ornamental one).