Journal of Miyara Kyosuke (19)

    I am stuck in this disgusting jail with its disgusting prisoners.  They took everyone for questioning: first the two men of the dishonorable noble, then Goru, then myself.  They of course soon discovered I did not understand their language, and were either too ignorant or could not be bothered to speak mine.
    Eventually I was brought into the office the Dorufurikata, where Miyara was there to interpret into the barbarian tongue.  He asked me to describe what happened when we emerged from the forest.  I did so, accurately and honestly, while Miyara relayed my words.  I sincerely hope the Count will be punished for his dishonor, but with barbarians maybe breaking one's word is normal.  They then questioned Miyara herself, and I am sure our versions were very similar.
    Later, Hosei joined me and Goru in the cell.  Honorable as always, he must have turned himself in.  I was glad for the company, even if he could not speak my language without magical help.  The Count's men in the other cell were clearly afraid of him, even more than they feared myself and Goru.
    Later again, the Doctor came in to talk to the watchman in the office for quite some time, although no-one could overhear the conversation.  He left again without a word to the prisoners.
    Before dinner, Miyara visited.  I am to stay here until an inquiry with the Count (who isn't a Count).  They'll bring someone from Nome, several weeks away.  She said that we were to play along for a while, and if something strange happens we will see.  So I am to stay here for the time.  Miyara chatted politely with the others for a while, and then left.
    Rather to my surprise, all of us -- including the two Count's men -- were friendly over dinner.  Perhaps there is hope that this will not be such a miserable experience after all.

    It has improved. The guard (at Miyara's prompting) brough some dice, and Hosei has taught me how the barbarians play with them.  They are crude games, but they pass the time, and Hosei is a passable companion and certainly means well.
    Miyara told me that the Count had died of his wounds.  Apparently this might be better for our plight, as the Dorufurikata will hold an inquiry tomorrow.  He will then perhaps let the whole matter drop, or bring in someone from Nome, or send someone to Nome.  At least the matter will be settled soon.