Journal of Miyara Kyosuke (20)

    I was still in jail.  The Count died of his wounds yesterday, and an inquest was due this afternoon.  Overnight there was yet another death -- someone called Sigi Katuzu (the minstrel) committed suicide overnight.  Apparently he had been eager to join almost any group leaving this dangerous town, and has been turned down twice now by the members of the entertainment troupe that we picked up in the place of the Master Og's death.
    I am also told that someone called Borisu Hepele thought that Dagoma Tausika killed Bastia because Bastia vomited on her.  If that were the case, surely countless barbarians would be dead for their crudeness!  Now were Tausika a noble, that would be another matter.  But we have already determined that Bastia died for his crimes, and was killed justly -- why should we be concerned about other causes of death of this peasant?  Surely the druidess merely wishes to know that the killing was just?
    Miyara told me that the mood in town was very tense.  The inquiry into the death of the Count had now been postponed because there were beastmen just north of town.  Everyone was to be pressed into the defense of this village.
    It remains to be seen whether I will be permitted to help defend our so-called hosts.