Journal of Miyara Kyosuke (25)


late afternoon

who would have a beef with the whole town? The family that was wiped out (rikenbaku), of course, i suggestm but that was 200 years ago. Dorf not sure what to do except hire guards. Rabena knows no effective way to test for this quantity of spriongwort. dorf makes excuses and leaves for his work. Rabena and ashu to go around town and check for springwort. [note -- this waswhile the trest of us went back to the inn]

b+G invited us all to red bull for dinner. We all go, and R+A will join us after their check.

[the dorf's barrel is tainted, and r+a are taken inside by the housekeeper while they're draining it. a statys outside, while r goes in. r taken to drof's offiuce. d give spermission while housekeepr goes into tirade as soon as leaves room. r finds her own way out to find that a has drained it in the meantime. on to other barrels. Bruhilde joinso them as they go on through the village. also end up sneaking into gerig's place to test that. wiht the dorf's blessing and brunhilde's assistance, they have no trouble draining all barrels that seem to be tainted.]

tghe only one not contaminated is the one behind walls, which means either the person who is doing this didn't want to risk that, or it's the person doing it. gerig's is the one not contaminated.

goru, jeison, stay behind to guard room (j) and keep party going (g) in red bull, while we all go out to weilerburg to check the water there.

miyara and I have been here before, of course. ten small houses and one really large one. only the largest would have a water barrel. It has a wall around it but the gates are open. Hosei shouts a greeting as we approach. we continue in. water here is not tainted.

check door. pireseri checks behind the door, and picks the lock, and the door opens. he tries to hide the opening hte lock as if the door was open all along. he suceeds in hiding it, except we knew it was locked. miyara questions why we would go in. I agree. (of course, he is dead) no sing of magic, apparently, and has not been ransacked. miyara says the people probably just returned to their families. we leave, and pireseri locks the door behind us. we return to the red bull.

after dinner about 9pm, dorf comes in and wants a quiet word with miyara and anyone else who wants to join in. [asks her how much it would cost to hire her and them to find out who is doing this to the town and get them. Miyara says carimera does the money. goru doesn't want to stay in this town any longer than necessary so doesn't want to do this. carimera looks around to see what the party thinks. miyara says we need to get to iri before winter, and goru has the big quest to get stuff, and then there's the statue but we have no leads on that. the big thing is therefore to gtet to eiry before winter, which is where hosei wants to go too. the consensus, therefore, is not to accept the dorf's offer. miyara hates this place too but given we don't have a ruling from the dorf yet, and several of us think it dishonest to leave town, and miyara tells carimera to settle the price. there is some haggling, but the dorf settles some of the price to be in room and board. miyara and i are insistent that it be at the red bull. that is agreed. after all that, the dorf says he's ready to annouce the results -- it;s his official opinion that sir t's death was caused by the legal and justified combat with the nipponese noble miyara and members of her party.

there follows some discussion about who couold possibly want to mess with the town. rabena's approach is more along the lines of the source of the springwort, where it grows and so on. it grows in upland meadows, harvestable in spring and summer. it would be brewed into a tea and poured in.

it is due to rain tonight, so it will help fill the barrelsand therefore they will have to be contaminated again by the mysterious person. i suggest pireseri can watch a barrel thorugh the wall; he can only watch one, and the obvious one would be the baker's, but he says he can't watch it continuously.

dorf is still here, he suggest that the dorf, elf, and doc's house backing up to woods with barrel in back, so could be watched form woods. baker's also, but the barrel is not in the back -- it could be watched from the right window in the red bull. dorf talks with benito, and after a while b nods head in our direction.

benito also announces that hte red bull inn is officially closing as of this moment, and transferring to new owners, anyone with currect room with be refunded and encourages current guests to check in at black eagle because he's sure there'll be some openings tonight. later, moe quietly, benito comes over with some papers and wants to give us the red bull. miyara is of course astonished. hosei can't accept, of course, he says, as he's not part of the party [vow of poverty, tells carimera that and not to make him a part of the group until it's settled as he'd have to give his part away]. asks benito who they could get to help run hte inn -- he says he could asks some people from tai liya but it would be a month or more before he'd even know they wre interested. carmimera accepts ownership on behalf of the party and the dorf makes it legal. (miyara as a samurai doesn't like the idea of being hte owner of an inn)

Benito announces the Red Bull has new owners.

hosei takes goru back to bkacj eagke to fetch jeison and the stuff.

the staff stays. they are instructed to continue as before, at least for the time. benito and guido will leave tomorrow; they leave the inn accounts. benito clarifies that the inn is closed, but hte restaurant remains open for this party, and we as owners will leave it open if for no other reason than to get information.

jeison and ashu and I go into the woods to watch the three barrels in the woods. I'm the only one of the three who can see in the dark, so I'll take whichever barrel is in the darkest. the remainder of the group watch the baker's and red bull's barrels from the inn. three in woods are dorf's, elf's, and doctor's. both general store and baker can be seen from upstairs windows of red bull, so that's three barrels covered tonight. I watch the doctor's, ashu gets drof's, and jeison gets the elf's (but isn't awake all night as it turns out -- we may not know that.)

don't actually need to kick all the guests out tonight, just enough to fit us in with a view of the barrels.

night is completely uneventful. It did rain for a little while.

miyara has a migraine this morning, staying in her room. the all night watchers sleep. ashu goes around and checks all barrels first.

benito discusses the finances with hosei, carimera. it doesn't make a lot of money, but it makes enough. b believes that if we keep the place running, it will take care of itself if we can find someone good to run it. need to find new cook because benito is the cook -- hosei can do it (and somewhere is Mongo, looking for somewhere to settle down in safety after leaving in the yetsin valley. He did turn this way...) hosei had a tour of the kitchen and its operation that morning during breakfast preparation, then after breakfast was the money discussion.

about 10am, watch captain comes in to talk to miyara. she of course is in her room, but would come down if called. watch capatain says britt stultenburg was killed early this morning (the woman who found the other woman (julienne hennig)). hosei, ravena go. omi tells me to tell miyara that there's been another murder. obviously i would not presume to wake miyara, but i tell her when she comes down at about 10:30.

red bull on N side of river; black eagle and helmsman on S side, the stultenburg house is between the two. she was being taken care of by her two brothers -- rabena convinced the boys that she was not a vampire, and they were talking her out of her belief.

britt was found by a merchant coming into town -- she was murdered outside town, found by side of road on the N side of town. doctor has pronounced her dead but nothing else he could do.

at stultenburg house, boys pretty messed up and want revenge. rabena looks over hte body while hosei and pireseri wait. britt has been stabbed inthe chest by a weapon no longer present. she wasstabbed with something other than a knife, not very sharp. signs of wood. rabena says nothing out loud to the boys, ofcourse. rabena checks for any other signs of causes of death, but there are none. she confirms that she died early this morning, not late last night. (hosei talks to boys while rabena checks body, they were with her last night, her morning routine would be to go get wood and water and maybe some herbs) rabena finds that after she died she was face down for a while (after being stabbed in chest). H wants to talk to who found her, see where it happend, probably want ashu to examine the area too. no other trauma on body, including no sign of putting up a fight. hosei goes to red bull to fetch ashu. ashu comes down and goes with H.

H goes to the Helmsman to talk to the merchant to make sure he isn't leaving town, while pireseri goes back to red bull. that leaves ashu and rabena to look at hte body sight.

as H goes through crowd in red bull talking about britt's death -- ther was apparently a britt in the reichenbach family and some people are taking this as another sign of the curse. as the group leaves the stultenburgsm watch captain says that stultenburgs were here when the reichenbachs were here, so no they weren't related, just foolish talk.

watch captain leads R and A out of town, saying the merchant found her beside the road. about a ten minute walk north of town. ashu knows that they've entered the part of the road that goes along hte edge of the Ghostwood. the place has a big pool of blood where she was found. they can see where britt was... there are signs that hte single horse merchant wagon stopped by the stide of the road, he walked through the blood, carried her to the wagon, and carried her away. she ran out of the ghostwood running very fast indeed, tripped and fell and stabbed herself as she fell. here is the stump that stabbed her. the question now is what was she running from?

ashu backtracks. her track is easy to follow. it goes about 100 feet into the ghostwood, where it turns into a very casual stroll searching for and picking herbs and/or berries. the transition, she was apparently met by some other very large individual with very large boots. (as headed into woods, text above, watch captain points out hte ghostwood and says they shouldn't go in therem as ashu and rabena go in anyway following hte tracks.)

as turning to start following where boots went, hear watch captain and dorf yelling from the road for them to come back. sound like something horrible is happening there.

back in town, sometime earlier... H gets story from merchant that he picked up the already dead body and brought her back to town, less than an hour ago. H picks up details about what he sells and where he's going and so on. he takes cloth down to mortensholm and brings back spices. he's been making the run from some town in bretonia to mortensholm for ten years and seen nothing like this before. H thinks his story is honest.

suddnely we hear many people screaming in terror. screams are coming from the SE part of town, in the direction of the cemetary.

miyara is coming downstairs, as the screams begin -- she runs up and gets her weapon, and as she comes back down I tell her about britt. miyara and I run towards the screams, and jeison goes ahead of us, not waiting for miyara to be armed and ready. jeison grabbed a poker on the way out of the inn and is armoured in his helmet.

[Hosei runs towards screaming, many people running away and across the bridge asfast as they can. H seems skeletons pulling themselves up from the ground. he doesn't run away in fear.

jeison sees bridge and people running across it, sees dorf on horse who observes scene and rides north. (obviously that wasn't in fear, it was to get the group from the woods -- he thought there were a lot more of this group that went on that trip)

Hosei starts casting spells, fireballs. (each one takes ten seconds to cast)

pireseri heads that way, sees what's going on, and turns around and back to the inn. he knows from experience that judo does nothing against them. he remembers that knife, and goes to get carimera nad the knife. now if she wants to use the zogin roku and give the knife to pireseri (or someone else) that's fine too.]

Miyara and I are running towards the sounds...