Journal of Miyara Kyosuke (30)

    Miyara, myself, Goru and Ashu continued to chase the renegade fairy butler downriver as fast as we could, but we lost the trail at the next town and even Ashu sniffing like a dog could not pick it back up.  This town was of course full of stories about what had happened in Krutzhoffen, and many of those were ridiculous inventions, as I have come to expect from the superstitious barbarians.  We told them the true story, both to those in authority and to the locals and particularly the river traders, hoping to restore a normal state to the town we had as our temporary home.  We did manage to convince a boat to take us back upstream, and this would have the added advantage of showing these traders that what we said was in fact correct.

    The rest of the group stayed behind and interrogated Selina, the woman who had stumbled into town dying of manbane poisoning.  She was hired by Martin to do odd jobs around Krutzhoffen including faking the vampire attack.  She didn't know whether it was Martin, Frederick, or both who poisoned her.  She claimed not to know of Gehrig or Stampi his fairy butler, or of their involvement with Martin.  She insisted she knew nothing of the death of Britt Stoltenburg.  She too repeated that no-one was supposed to get hurt, and apparently knew nothing of any of the other deaths.