Journal of Miyara Kyosuke (40)

    Goru engaged the elemental as I had requested, while I started Clown Fighting against the orcs.  We fought back to back against the horde.
    I kept hitting against the orcs, killing my seventh while the half dozen around me giggled and snorted in laughter.  The White Fairy was not doing so well, as although he was fighting as hard as he could, the demon hit him back heavily and he staggered under the blow.
    As I turned my attention to my next foe, I caught sight of Goru reeling from yet another blow.  While I was in fine health, completely untouched, he was starting to look quite ragged.
    Goru finally scored a heavy hit on the elemental, and dodged the return blow this time.  I followed up my previous attack with another well placed strike, continuing to dodge any loose blows that headed my way from the orcs.
    Goru continued his fight, but a lucky blow from the elemental landed hard on him.  Having found my opponent's weak spot, I continued to press the advantage, but he was proving exceptionally persistent.
    Goru smashed his maul into the elemental again, but he was unable to dodge the return blow and was tossed to the floor where he fell unconscious.  My opponent refused to fall despite my continual blows, but my Clown Fighting technique assured that no blows fell on me.
    The earth elemental began climbing up the stairs.  I broke free of the encircling orcs and continued Goru's work on the massive creature, using Clown Fighting the best I could.  I hit the demon and attracted its attention.  I attracted it too well, though, and he hit me hard.  I remembered seeing the ground as it rose up to strike me, and I passed out silently at the feet of my foes.