Journal of Miyara Kyosuke (45)

    We had left Kurutsofen.  All of us collected together shortly, and we travelled as one group.  After several weeks, we noticed that we were being observed by beastmen, who very soon thereafter attacked.
    We formed a defensive circle of the fighters in the middle of the camp, and battle was hard and furious.  Baluku joined us on the front line, wielding his staff effectively to bring down the first kill.
    The beastmen were of varied kinds, not one type as we had seen every time in the past.
    Hemmed in, it was impossible to use my techniques properly.  Finally I was able to break free of this stupid barbarian tactic and get the space I needed for Clown Fighting.  I could be surrounded by many of them and occupy them effectively.  If the others would do that, there would be no need for their primitive circle.
    There were six fighting me.  I was using my techniques successfully and they could not manage to hit me.  I however was hitting them quite effectively.  I could not see what was going on behind me, but from the sounds the idiotic barrier was unyielding.  I did have to dodge the occasional attack, but they were presenting no problem in their laughter.  Soon, though, two struck at once and I could not completely dodge them both.  Still, I was not badly hurt, not physically.
    After killing a couple of them, one of the beastmen yelled something and all the beastmen stepped back as fast as they could.  I went after them, as did Goru and Miyara.
    Hosei shouted something at Carimera.
    I saw half a dozen little demons, friendly faced green creatures darting around.  They came from the direction of a tree behind which was the supposed mage.  They charged us, attacking low and fast.
    The demons' power overcame me.  I fell to the ground in a seizure, losing total control of my body.  I was to be out for five minutes.

    (very few of us remained up.  Then meteorites rained down, and up from the holes came more demons.  There was a mighty battle between the demons, and the beastmen ran away.  Miyara fought furiously and vanquished them.  Then, in a wail of despair, Carimera threw the sogin roku away from here and fell at Rabena's feet, weeping horribly.  The sogin roku lay on the ground twenty or thirty yards away.  Ashu picked it up and returned it to her, prostrating himself.  She ignored him.  Goru came back too.
    Balaku and some others know that flamers are minions of Tzeentch, just as nurglings are minions of Nurgle.  All the barbarians know this name.
    Carimera when she did some major thing with the rock would see a vision of something, which she mentioned occasionally.  What she saw were avatars or forms of Tzeentch.  Carimera has finally put it together -- with the flamers coming in -- that Tzeentch is involved in this rock.  Tzeentch is the god of chaos change, the most magically potent.  Changer of Ways, etc.  Masterly comprehension of destiny, intrigue, plot.  Not merely content to observe, but has complex schemes that affect every living thing whether they know it or not.
    Major four gods are Nurgle and Tzeentch.  Slaanesh is lord of pleasure, overthrow of decent behavior, decedance and perversity; bi-gynous humanoid, have one side and half the other.  Khorne blood god, great warriors, thirst for blood and death, power of chaos in mindless absolute violence, huntsman of souls.  Nurgle of disease and rot.)

Kills: 2
Baluku: 2
Goru: 1 plus more
Miyara: 3 plus demons
Ashu: 2 plus more
Pireseri: throwing them via judo
Hosei: firebombing the suspected mage
Carimera: controlling a couple of fire elementals

Clown fighting: beastmen are at -7 to hit.
Clown fighting: demons are at -5 to hit.