Journal of Miyara Kyosuke (51)


Our heroes have managed to use the Box to travel back in time to the Dwarven temple in the Yetsin valley.  Ostahar is there, and behaves as if he's meeting them for the first time.  Ostahar is brother to the King.  The King, the Prince, and Ostahar have reciently re-found the old dwarven temple and are beginning to explore it.  There is an army of Ogres hunting for them.
Our heroes know (or strongly suspect) that this is where and when the battle that caused Ostahar to "loose his way" took place.  Additionally Goldrim has seen visions of Ostahar with  three of the Stones attacking Nuln.  The King asks (in that way that only Kings can) our heroes to help them reach the powerfull magic item they know is the temple.  The Kings advisor on this matter (accedently) reviels how to obtain the Stone from it's storage location.  Decisions, decisions.  They decide to use the Box to "teleport" to the room with the stone of stones, and then "teleport" back to Karak-Ostahar, leaving the King and his family to the hands of fate.  The manage to get the Stone of Stones, and teleport out before Gardian (the thing with all those tenticles) kills them all off.

They don't arrive back at Karak-Ostahar, at least they don't see Karak-Ostahar.  Oh, and don't forget that Goldrim's vision was not as simple as "Ostahar attacks Nuln with three of the Stones and all of the forces of Chaos".