Journal of Miyara Kyosuke (60)

    One of the four steps forward, unarmed, while the others have moved back to clear a circle.  This one seems to be offering single combat.  I offered to do this when we first got here, and the honorable course of action is to do so now.  He rushes forward to tackle me.  I trip and stumble out of his way, springing up to engage in full Clown Fighting.  I am trusting them to be honorable and not rush me from behind.  He does get a hand on me briefly, however, and I shake off a strong sensation to sleep.
    This dwarf is my nemesis, a mage.  I am impressed by their honor in at least not fighting me from the back line.  I retaliate and strike him.  I am sure he has something that will take me down when I hit, but I must fight regardless using my Style.
    I smash his face.  There is blood everywhere.  He simply allowed me to strike him, and when I did he reached up and touched me.  I fall asleep.

    I wake up.  Suddenly the party is around me and Miyara tells me they are contemplating hiring ourselves out to the dwarves to find Hargrim's body.  That would make us mercenaries in the employ of dwarves opposed to the rightful king, as she has pointed out.   We would be hired as contractors to find the tomb, not as mercenaries in battle in an inter-dwarven conflict.
    Goru seems to be negotiating our terms, with Miyara directing him in Nipponese.  They come to an agreement as to conditions and fee.  A a final part of the settlement, Goru describes in his own language what happened to Gadrik and how he died, primarily the second time including the involvement of Alex, Mendri's agent.  He mentions the official story of the first time, including what Ostahar has said, but does not mention that we were there at the time.
    We are hired.  Our first task is to return the supplies, and then we will report for further orders.