Journal of Miyara Kyosuke (62)

    I descend the ladder first.  Pireseri follows me, then Goru, then Miyara, Hosei and the others.
    We go down about a hundred feet.  We are in a natural cave about ten by fifteen feet.  There are two openings leading to other areas.  Pireseri looks around in his special way.  There are several natural caves and passages, except that there are two constructed rooms to the west.  We seem to be on the lowest level of the stronghold.  There are signs of ancient habitation here, mostly rotted or decayed away.
    We set out for the rectangular room to the west, and find ourselves at a door.  Pireseri says the door is not trapped, and there is no-one in the room.  I open the door before the barbarians can break it down, discovering that from the other side it is a secret door.
    This was once a jail or dungeon.  All the remaining equipment is dwarf height.  In the southeast corner is a large grill in the floor.  There are two other doors in here.  Pireseri says that the door to the south leads to a hallway, while the one in the west wall opens onto stairs up.  There is no connection that he can see between this room and the other one.
    I look down the grill.  It appears to be an oubliette, about ten feet deep, but is empty.
    Pireseri suddenly says he recognizes the other room.  It's the room with the shaft that leads up to where we encountered the dwarves.  We are on the other side of the cave-in, that we could not access before.
    We check the other natural rooms here.  They seem to have been a place for special prisoners, and contain two oubliettes.  The first contains a pile of bones, which stands up and starts throwing bones at me.  After the bones have been thrown, a ghost of a dwarf remains.  I speak to the ghost, and he replies angrily in some barbarian tongue.
    I ask Goru what the ghost is saying.  He is referring to bodily parts and functions for which Goru does not know the Nipponese words, and comparing us negatively to these parts.  I ask Goru to talk to the spirit and find out what we can do to help.
    Miyara says that he is probably angry because none of his descendants visit him and pay him honor.  She is of course right as usual.
    Goru tries to calm down the spirit.  Instead, he irritates the spirit more, and Goru is shocked because he really did try to be nice.
    About half the bones bounced back into the oubliette, so it takes a while for the spirit to exhaust his supply.
    I have no idea what to do, so I look to Miyara.  She suggests to leave him here, as he must have been a criminal to be here.  Goru agrees that leaving the unfortunate and rude beast behind.
    I look down the other oubliette, but see nothing in there.  It is apparently empty, and there is nothing else of interest in here.

    We go through the remaining door and up the stairs.  The door to the west on the landing was an ancient kitchen storeroom, now empty except for a couple of crates.  Pireseri takes a careful look around.  He reports that there are two secret doors at the top of the stairs, to west and north.  The west is not secret from this side, while the north is not secret from the other.  There is another door in the storeroom, closed -- not locked, not trapped, which leads to the kitchen.
    Behind the other door on the landing, the secret door, is a steep incline, a natural passageway, headed up and curving to the east.  Pireseri shows us the triggering button and opens the door.  I climb up the incline, taking a rope so the others can climb up too.  Ash slips the first time he steps on the slope, but soon all are at the top.

    At the top of the incline is a door.  Pireseri says there is a passageway beyond.  We open the door.  To the west, after ten feet the passage opens up and reveals circular stairs heading up.  To the east it ends in a door about 30-40 feet away, with another door between the end and us on the north wall.
    The north door, as Pireseri reports, opens into a octagonal room with a folding table with a backpack on it.  The numerous other things scattered around the room are also modern.  There are some shields, some axes, a staff, and other shinies.  That room has no other exits.
    The east door leads to a room that is also eight-sided, with several other exits.  In the middle of the room is a stone dias with a long sarcophagus sized block of black rock.  There are gold inlays with lettering.  There are two thrones of ornately carved stone facing away from the rock.  Stone gargoyles are at various locations in the room.

    Pireseri suggests we start with the other room to see if the backpack reveals anything.  We go in there first.  The room is clearly a storage place for religious items, and these items are presumable from the expedition.  The two shields are finely crafted and decorated, and the two axes have silver coatings.  The staff has a shiny black rock set in the head, and it's next to a large mirror with arcane dwarvish runes in the border.  There are candlesticks and incense, and pens and inks.  The back contains an intricate, carefully folded, robe worked with gold and silver wire.
    Hosei checks everything for magic.  He says that none of them are particularly magical, but they all have the faint aura of religious items.
    The sogin rokus are not glowing any more intensely, although they may have over time become a little brighter than when we first entered.

    Next we must clearly investigate what we believe to be the tomb.