Journal of Miyara Kyosuke (65)

    The five statues move towards me, readying their stone battleaxes.  Hosei begins chanting.  Several of the rest step forward, preparing for battle, but I do not have time to see what everyone else is doing.
  I step back off the dias, bowing respectfully, but they attack before I have a chance to do so.  I dodge their blows, but not easily.  Two of them have fallen behind a little, making their way past the three sto ne thrones.
    They strike again, and again I dodge.  The others seem to be engaging around me, but the majority are attacking me.  I think it is Miyara and Ash who have attracted the attention of the other two statues, although they are not fighting alone.
    I start Clown Fighting, but it clearly does not work.  Nevertheless, I dodge their blows.  Almost immediately, an Air Elemental moves past me and picks up one of my opponents.
    Suddenly a lot of stones fly away from Goru in all directions.  The shrapnel flies into statues and people alike.  Some slams into me.  I keep fighting.  I hit very hard, but clearly do no damage whatsover.  I also realize that these are hard enough that every time I hit, I will hurt myself.  This is not going to be an easy fight -- the best I can do is keep some of them occupied while others might be able to damage them.
    Pireseri is using his Judo techniques and throwing the statues into each other.  They both take some damage.
    One of the two remaining statues hits me heavily, but I dodge the second.  One of the fallen statues stands up, while the air elemental slams a statue into the back wall.  Further air elementals join the fight, but it's hard to see what they're doing.
    Suddenly the whole floor is slippery.  Nevertheless I dodge the two blows aimed at me.  I keep distracting statues.
    I am hit very hard again, but dodge the other blow.  This is not going well.  I am starting to lose track of the rest of the fight.
    The statues attacking me turn and start fighting air elementals.  They engage each other in combat, ignoring all others for the time.  I take the chance to look after my wounds quickly.
    While I am doing so, three massive fireballs fly out from Ash and slam into the statues.  Clearly he is using the sogin roku.
    Goru's eyes have become completely black.  Rabena's eyes have become completely white.  Ash's eyes glow red.
    I rush up onto the dias and pick up the scroll case.  More fireballs fly around the room, hitting all five statues.  One of the statues goes up in a cloud of smoke and molten stone.  A further one falls.
    (Goru finds that the flashing visions are seeing the battle from the statues' eyes.  He can now separate them, and feels like he can control them.  He can.)
    I rush to the rear and hand Hosei the scroll case for safe keeping.  I pause to catch my breath and assess the battle.
    It seems that statues and elementals are fighting between themselves without involving us.  With no-one under threat, I rest with the wounded, who have gathered in a corner.  If they are attacked, I will interpose, otherwise I will simply wait.
    (Under Goru's direction) The statues start attacking each other.  There are only three left now.  The air elementals attack them too.  (As the statues attack each other, Goru feels the blows and takes damage.  He does not, however, feel the air elemental damage.)  Two of the statues fall, leaving just the one.  More fireballs fly in, melting the remaining one.
    Rabena falls unconscious before she can dismiss the air elementals... but Goru continues to play with his sogin roku.