Journal of Miyara Kyosuke (66)

    At some point I must have passed out from my wounds.

    (The air elementals pulverized the statues' remains and wreaked general havoc, but did not injure anyone any further.  They then left by the door.  There had been several scraps of paper in this room when we entered, and those have been scatttered.  Those awake gather them together so that Goru can read them when he wakes.
    An hour later, Rabena wakes and tends to the wounded.
    Pireseri sets up traps protecting the doorways.
    In twelve hours, if not treated I may die.

    When I awaken from unconsciousness, Rabena has been tending me.  She immediately sits down to rest for a couple of hours before healing Ashu.  She continues the healing and resting cycle for some time.
    Once Goru is awake, he goes through the papers and the scroll case.  The case contains several items, five or so pieces of paper rolled in the tube.  He quickly sorts them into two kinds: two scrolls, scroll-like an ancient; three pieces of paper of more modern origin, just rolled up with the scrolls.
    The three newer pieces are written by Sundrim.  They are notes torn from some journal.  The first says, dated KG 3rd day, that the translation of the fragment on their first search: "The roaring of the lion brings fear to the heart of even the most fearless.  The singing of the birds call all to stand in wonderment.  The fall into the darkness is a never-ending journey and there shall all who cross their path return."
    The second, "KG 5th day,: which tomb is Hargrim's?  More continue to be discovered.  When we know when all have been found?  The tomb opposite the throne seems likely, but opening every tomb would waste time and lives, and Cranneg stresses the importance of both, and the master trap still eludes us."
    The third, "KG, 7th day.  Established: three scrolls exist, to be read in a certain order.  We have the first and third, and the second is missing.  Surmised: to enter the^H^H^H any tomb without first completing the ritual is dangerous.  Inscriptions may be interpreted as cave-in.   Conclusion: it is imperative that we find the third scroll.  It is not logical that it would be hidden in or around the tombs, but everywhere else in the hold must be searched.  We dare not risk destroying the hold and burying the crown."
    I point out that this means that they are after it too.
    The other two, scrolls, are ancient and Goru says they appear to be in the same style as the one we already have, in much better shape, but also in archaic dwarven in which he is not skilled.
    Miyara says that we must leave this room and go somewhere more hidden and safe.
    First, however, we check the other door in this room which leads to a room with no other exits.  Hosei says there is nothing specifically magical here, but the place reeks of frustration and death.
    The room seems particularly dim, as if the light does not seem as bright in here.  This is odd, as I can see perfectly in what others see as darkness.
    On the far wall I see an ancient blood splatter, dried and stained on the otherwise light stone wall.  I point it out to Miyara.  The room has orchish graffiti on the wall, but it appears to have been rubbed off as if someone or something has been trying to clean it.
    I say, "Excuse me," into the room.  "Is anyone there?"  Miyara reminds me of the statues, I remind her of the scroll.  I say if there is trouble, to leave me, and she says that is unacceptable.  But she says that if I wish to go in, go ahead.
    Miyara and I step in together.  The room is empty.  The weight of the gloom is obvious.  I bow respectfully to the stain.  Pireseri has jooined us in the room.
    Out of the stain steps the raging ghost of a long dead dwarven queen.  She screams terrifyingly at the two of us, I abase myself appropriately.  She ravages me violently but causes no physical damage.
    Miyara pulls out a random origami piece from her pouch and offers it, bowing respectfully.
    Pireseri pulls out his special dagger and prepares to stab her in the back where her heart would be, despite Miyara telling him to stop and not attack.  He does pause.
    She continues her attack on me, vanishing as she passes through me.  I spend some time apologizing profusely to the stain.  Pireseri puts his knife away and says something.  Miyara backs out bowing.  After my apology I leave too, and Pireseri locks the door behind me.
    (Behind them, Miyara and Pireseri notice that Goru stands up, drops everything, and begins walking towards one of the other doors -- one that Pireseri had trapped.)
    Pireseri calls to Goru as he walks to a door, and Miyara intercepts him and tries to stop him.  She cannot do so.  Pireseri tries to stop him too.  Miyara yells to the others in barbarian, and then calls me to help.  I run over to stop him too.
    Pireseri grapples him and throws him to the ground.
    I run over as Goru stands up.  Miyara and I drag him to a halt, but he never stops trying.
    Pireseri disarms his trap on the door, just in case Goru makes it there.  This is the door that eventually leads to the stairs down.  It is the door through which we first came up when we came here.
    Goru does not respond to me talking to him.  I suggest speaking to him in dwarvish, but Pireseri tries to hypnotize him, and after a minute or two clearly expects Goru to have no desire to leave.  It has no effect.  Hosei addresses him in "dwarvish", but Goru again does not respond.
    I suggest putting him in the stain room, as I believe him to be possessed by the dwarven queen.  Miyara simply wants to knock him out.  I say nothing, of course, but perhaps she is succoumbing to barbarian ways.
    Hosei says, however, not to knock him out because he has other things to try.  He is working on my theory, and tries to talk to the queen and work his friendly magic to convince her to talk to us.
    After a short while, Goru stops struggling and seems to be listening.  After a few more minutes, he answers in dwarvish.
    Hosei tells us that it is in fact the queen who has possessed Goru.  She is desperate to find her body, as she needs a proper burial.  I pledge my life to finding her body and giving her a proper burial.  Hosei reminds me that she died over a hundred years ago; I remind him that as I released her, it is my responsibility.  Hosei has promised that we all shall help her find her body if she will stop trying to walk off by herself and come along with us.  She seems to agree.  Goru still stares wide-eyed with glowing black eyes.  I would offer my body if I were a dwarf.
    Hosei asks Miyara what next, and she says to ask if she can read the scrolls.  GQ takes them, and begins sobbing uncontrollably.  She still has not come to terms with her death.  Hosei speaks with her, and she can indeed read them.
    I say that we need to tell her what we're doing.  It would be wrong to mislead her if we want her help.  We should tell her that we are seeking the tomb of Hargrim because we want the sogin roku of water to fight Chaos.
    Miyara agrees.  She looks at Hosei, expecting him to translate and tell her.  GQ says no, she will not help us raid the tomb.  I bow to her response.
    Miyara asks if she died in that room.  Hosei asks her, and she says that yes she did.  Miyara again relays through Hosei if she knows where her body was moved, and she says no.  She says she cannot bear the thought of entering word-approximating-"death" without her body.
    Miyara says, cryptically, that the other ghosts would not know.
    I wonder whether we should find her body first or not, but Miyara points out that only the queen and Goru stand a chance of reading the scrolls, and the queen will not help us.  We need Goru back first.
    Unfortunately she knows little of her death.  She knows the orcs attacked and cornered her in that room where she died, but knows nothing of what happened to her body afterwards.
    At my suggestion, we ask her name and who was with her at the time.  Her name is Kervista.  She died alone in the room, and assumes that her husband died, and guards and everyone else died defending her room.  She tells us her husband's name, but none of us have heard of it before.  She does however think she will feel it if we get near her body.  When we stopped her, she was going to look for her body, but doesn't know where she was going.
    It is suggested that her bones might be with the rubble the orcs left somewhere in here, but that doesn't help much.  We could look at those, at least.
    We gather up the important papers and scrolls.  Everyone is now healed.  So we go off to seek orc rubble.
    We start with the dwarf ghost who threw bones at us in the dungeon.  Rabena says she thinks she can get us there without running into the dwarves.  She directs us there.

    We reach the dungeon.  Nothing here feels familiar to her.  We suggest the ghost in the pit might have some information, and she might talk to him where we have failed.  As GQ looks down the hole, the ghost screams up at her.  She screams back at him and they yell for a while.  Hosei says he blames her for leaving him down there, and she blames him for not helping, although it is clear he could not help having been put in the hole for a good reason.  Apparently the orcs never found this place and he died of starvation.
    Hosei ushers GQ away from the hole and looks to Miyara for leadership.  I suggest that we could get GQ's help to enter the Great Temple, where orcan skeletons were on the floor.  It would not be deceiving her, as we would indeed be looking for her body.  There were, however, only orcan skeletons in there, reports Pireseri.
    At my suggestion we show her the map with the area we could not interpret, but she does not recognize it at all.
    Miyara studies Rabena's map for areas with signs of orcish occupation.  There are still a few areas we have not checked yet, and perhaps one of those would provide the answer.

    First we check the kitchen storeroom area.  Pireseri tells us what is here.  In the kitchen, on the butcher block, are remains of several dwarven skeletons that have been chopped up by axes.  There are ovens, and in them are the charred remains of several more dwarves.  There are no remains of orcs in here.
    Miyara asks Hosei to tell GQ gently what she is about to walk into.  Even before we open the door, she is slightly upset.
    We open the door.  GQ begins weeping horribly again.  She is obviously extremely upset, and is making her upset.  I try to calm her down, but Hosei manages to suceed.  He then tells her what I said, and she goes into a higher level of keening, so much more upset than before.  I wonder what it was I said?  Miyara guides her out of the room and shuts the door, where the others calm down her noise a lot and her intensity of emotion a little.
    Miyara talks with her while I stay out of the way, but apparently the queen's body was not in that room.
    Beyond that room, reports Pireseri, is a dining room.  It was sealed by the expedition because of the atrocities.  The orcs had gathered all the remaining dwarves and used them to hang from the ceiling for target practice.  The dead bodies still hang from the ceiling, held together with clothes and armor, where they were for the orcan celebratory feast.
    The door between the kitchen and the dining hall was broken down.  The queen would no doubt react very badly to the room.  Perhaps Hosei has a spell to keep things quiet?
    We go in under Hosei's coverage.  The queen remains calm this time.  She weeps but does not break down into a screaming fit.  GQ tells us that her body is not here either.  She recognizes the clothing and armor of a few of them here, and is saddened further.

    It is time to move on to the next area.  I hope for the queen's sake that it will be less disturbing.