Journal of Miyara Kyosuke (68)

    Back in journal 66, the scroll case from the throne room had two other pieces of paper we had not been told about.
    One is a map.  It shows what we now know to be the lake room with some marks and notes in modern dwarvish.
    The second piece of paper is also a map of this lake room, with more notes that seem to be more revealing.  They are questions about clues in rubble, possible directions of Hargrim's tomb, and so on.
    The Queen knows some things about this room.  It's the burial chamber of the kings.  They are buried in the ground in ir near this room, by some magic beyond her.  They spend some time on the throne before they are entombed.
    There are several "beaches" in this cavern, one of which is the rubble where the note-taker thought there had to be a clue.  It is 30 feet high, and 60 by 30 in north-south and east-west dimensions.
    There is also a door near us on the south wall, while stairs down extend from the northeast corner of the cavern.
    Pireseri looks through the door, and there is a spiral staircase going upwards.  He also reports that the throne is solid.  He adds, however, that there is a very secret door in the northwest corner - it's a door with a rock face built in front of it.
    There is also a secret door in the wall near us, with stairs going down to a room below the floor of the cavern.  It's located where the notes on the second map wonder why there isn't a room there.
    With these clues to work from, Rabena studies the maps.  There are specific marks on them, she explains, and she wants Pireseri to look around and examine certain places.  He does indeed see several secret doors where she indicates, and walks out to look at others.
    We all accompany Pireseri and Rabena.  Rabena trips over something unseen under the water and falls down,
    The northwest door, so secret and hidden, leads to a trap.  The others lead to passages most of which have stairs heading down.  There are tomb-like rooms at some of these, and at least one contains a sarcophagus.
    Rabena assembles her map.
    The Queen doesn't know where anyone is buried, by intention.  No-one should know where they are buried, other than that they are in this complex.

    We need to find the Queen's bones.  There are just a few places we haven't seen yet, and most of those start in this cavern.  Miyara says we should try the upwards spiral staircase first, and so I set off in the lead with Pireseri observing in his special way right behind me.
    The stairs go up about twenty feet, opening into a natural cavern except that the ceiling has mostly collapsed onto the floor.  Pireseri tells us that there are remains of sarcophagi under all the rubble, and also if we climbed over it and continued north, we would come to one of the balconies overlooking the lake.  Goru tells us it would take several days to clear this rubble.  We return to the lake.
    Next is a complex of caverns and rooms to the southeast.  A natural cavern leads to double doors to a dwarven made 8x12 room.  It is full of modern equipment, as for an expedition.  Nothing of interest is here, just the gear and some pieces of stone probably taken from the lake room.
    A passageway leads to a simple trap, easily disarmed by Pireseri.  This leads to stairs up, which take us to a landing with a secret door off it, and more stairs go up.  The secret door leads to a natural passage heading north, and that is where we go first.  This leads to yet another balcony, otherwise unremarkable.
    Back to the stairs, and we continue up the stairs.  It comes out in an area we already know, near the throne room.
    We return to the level of the lake room.

    Moving on anticlockwise, the next secret door leads down to a tomb with a sacrophagus.  It contains a king's remains and the armor he may have worn in life.  Tapestries hang on the walls, too dark to see, except it probably had pictures of dwarves doing dwarvish things.  There is a certain amount of jewellry here, including the neck band that is worn by dwarven royalty.  While Pireseri cannot read the writing, Goru can translate it as Fenni's tomb.  The Queen knows that Fenni was the successor to Hargrim.  Fenni is 1:1:9:73.  He is the one who buried Hargrim and built the tombs.
    Fenni's tomb and sarcophagus were carefully sealed, so a good bit of his body remained.

    Next secret door, not very well hidden, has stairs going down behind it.  It is not trapped -- or, rather, the trap would only trigger if the door was broken down rather than opened - and leads to another tomb.  Pireseri opens the door, and the stench that rolls out is astonishing.  It was not sealed well, and is damp and smelly.  Luxuriant growths of mould festoon the walls and floor, both the red and yellow varieties are represented.  When we reach the sarcophagus, we see they blanket it.  We care and caution we proceed, as Rabena tells us it's dangerous.
    Pireseri tells us it is the tomb of another king, but this one has damp in the tomb and sarcophagus.  The body is really nasty.  The neck band and jewellry indicate a king.  It is the tomb of a king that was not on the note, Darbli.  The Queen says he was a very unimportant king.

    The next is a non-secret passage with stairs going down.  The stairs go down steeply, with no traps and no mould.  At the bottom are double doors, and Pireseri tells us the Great Temple is beyond.

    The next secret door was not meant to be opened ever again.  This is in the north.  Beyond this solid wall is a passageway with stairs going down.  This is dwarven magic, I say, this is now real rock obviously sealing the tomb of Hargrim.  The wall, fortunately, is not trapped -- there are no traps and no triggers.  The sogin roku of Stone could get through in a few minutes, but by hand it would take half an hour or so for Goru using the expedition equipment in that room to the south.

    Next around is the very secret door leading to the tunnel which dead ends, only existing ot be a trap.

    Next hidden secret door leads to stairs down, and Pireseri says there are no traps.  We proceed.  Again, as soon as we open the door we smell damp rotting corpses.  This is not just damp, but there is some water running in here.  The mould has not taken over here.  We go in with care, and as we approach the tomb Pireseri tells us that at the bottom is an octagonal room with bodies laid out on stone biers.  The bodies are rotting, there is water in places.  The bodies are royalty, but as there are eight of them it is probably not Hargrim.
    We go down to the room.  The stench is overpowering and I react violently.  Goru reads the notations, and they are no-one that he or the Queen have ever heard of.  Despite the rotting bodies, it is clear that there is valuable jewellry.

    The next secret door, directly to the west and extremely well hidden, reveals a passageway to stairs down.  There are runes hidden in the rock surrounding the door, carved to look like random rock changes but in fact are dwarven runes.  It spells out "Hargim."
    I say this has to be a decoy, and the other one is the real one.
    There appear to be no traps.  Hosei tells us that there is magic here that is different from the other magic around here.  It could just be that this is the doorway to the tomb and therefore magical, or it could be a trap, or it could be a decoy.
    We leave this one alone for the time and go on to the last door.

    The final secret door leads to a stairway curving around and down to a room under the lake.  There is a trap, which Pireseri disarms.  There is a locked door at the bottom of the stairs.  It is heavily trapped, triggered by opening the door.  The trap opens the ceiling, which of course is covered by water.
    In the room beyond is an empty sarcophagus.  The name carved on it is Hargim.
    This would be the more obvious trap of the two.  Pireseri re-locks the door and we go back to the lake.

    Miyara says we still need to find the Queen's body.  We still have the two passages here.  We are unlikely to find the Queen's body here, but the only place we have not yet looked is the entrance of the cave where there was a battle going on several hours ago.
    Miyara studies Rabena's map of the entrance, to see if there is anywhere we could go near enough for Pireseri to look for the Queens bones.  Miyara again confirms with the Queen that she must have her bones for a proper burial.  We discuss the matter for a while.
    We wander around the lake for Pireseri to check for bones, even though as Miyara and I know the bones will not be here.

    ((Suddenly the White Fairy has a vision.  He sees himself as the Holder of Kadar Gravning, and he is going through the burial ritual for the queen, of whom he thinks more as a wife than the queen.  She will get her proper burial, eventually.))
    Goru gets a strange look pass over his face, but he says nothing.

    MIyara says that the only prospect now is to go into one of the remaining tunnels.  She and I agree that going through the solid rock is the correct path.  Goru fetches tools from the expedition and starts to break through.

    After 45 minutes the White Fairy has made enough of a hole for us to squeeze through.  Hosei and Pireseri check for anything dangerous.  Pireseri sees nothing out of the ordinary, but Hosei says there is probably a magical trap.
    I suggest doing the ritual, but Miyara says that was specific to the octagonal room, and I cannot argue with her.
    Sun volunteers to go in while we discuss the magical trap, but Miyara tells him he will not.
    We discuss possibly doing the ritual, and as Miyara says there is the body of Mendri's father Gadric, who after all was a king and therefore could be buried here.  That might let us through.