Journal of Miyara Kyosuke (postscript 1)

    Sun is driving the engine.  Slurk is talking to Carimera, who is crying.  Miyara is standing by Hosei, who is holding the wheel.  The ship is flying badly, and they have no idea where they are in these clouds.
    The ship continues to shake and rattle, feeling like it's coming apart.  Hosei calls to Sun to slow them down more, and goes into a shallow dive.  Pieces start falling off, and it looks like the wings are going to shake themselves off.
    As they clear the clouds, they are about a hundred yards up in a relatively shallow dive.  Hosei looks for a place to land, while Sun yells something to him, something about the dwarves fixing it.
    Hosei levels out, which is does, and looks around.
    There are ghostly shapes of dwarves all over the ship, fixing it.  As they look closer, they see Zokri, Yazeran, Friethoff the Astute, Holdgrod the Odiferous, Engmeld, Bergmal Cleft-Palate, Wizmag the Sagacious, Garnok son of Hadrian (the first dwarf skeleton we found).  They patch it up, but don't add a balloon.  When it's back together, they wave and disappear.
    Slurk manages to get Carimera to point the right direction to East Egg, as the others also get an idea of where they are.
    The trip to Yetsin is uneventful, but they carry on to East Egg.  The dwarves there might at least be mollified a little to be handed the gyrocopter, which is probably repairable.

    Back in East Egg, remaining are Goldrim, Peter, the four Chaos Warriors, and Pietra.  Angry accusations fly after the Leatherhawk is stolen.  Goldrim tries to explain that the ship will be brought back, even if he believes the world will end first.  The standoff continues for a long time.
    The storm clouds begin to cross over the valley, becoming darker and darker.
    About two hours after they left, Goldrim begins screaming in pain for no apparent reason.  He stands up, and freezes like a statue in pain.  Moments after that, the clouds begin rolling back at a completely unnatural rate.
    While the standoff continues, there is increased hope among the villagers.  Once again it becomes a sunny day in East Egg valley.
    Peter tries to diagnose Goldrim.  He's a statue in dry clay.  The villagers think that's rather freaky.

    About three hours later, the ship returns.  It crests the mountain, with of course no balloon.  Hosei realizes that just like birds he should land upwind.  He makes a large circle, then makes a low and slow approach.  He calls to Sun to cut power and idle, while Hosei himself tries to keep it level.
    The ship drags itself along the ground, scratching and tearing itself apart and it scrapes along.  The wings tear off, but it doesn't flip over.  It comes to a sudden stop, throwing everyone forward violently.  The gyrocopter hurtles off the deck and crashes into the ground.
    Miyara cannot kill herself yet.  The statue must be returned to Nippon, and she now has responsibility for Pietra.

    The dwarven engineers who spent their lives building the machine come and stare with tears in their eyes.  Slurk, Sun, and Carmella are conscious.  Sun carries Miyara over to Peter, while Slurk brings Carmella and then goes back for Hosei.  The villagers ignore them, this time the complete opposite of the happy-go-lucky ignoring they did before.
    The conscious people tell Peter what happened at the hole, while he does what he can to help the others.

    Within an hour or two it is clear that they are not welcome and must leave immediately.  There are four Chaos Warriors and two unconscious, with two wounded.  Pietra is better, although Carmella is not.  They leave town, and spend a cold and miserable night in the wild.

    It takes them months to get back, until they arrive at the druid's temple, with no idea how they got there.  Hosei believes he's producing fish, but no-one can see them.  They arrive in very poor shape, starving and delusional.  The druidess heals them for several months.