Tales of the Sea Bitch (38)


   Miwa had spent the previous day with merchant business, while Phoebe had a much more interesting time Asako Kinto's garden.  Me, I'd spent the time riding in the countryside, getting a feel for the land and what kind of cover and exposure the terrain offered.

    That night, the guards came to fetch me, saying that Phoebe was wandering around.  She didn't try to leave the grounds this time, or rather the spirit that was walking around in her body didn't.  I again said that we should not interfere, but allow the spirit to take her around where it wanted.  Fortunately it was a peaceful walk, and all of us returned safely to sleep.

    The next morning, Miwa didn't join us for breakfast.  Son told us that she was "resting" and I was not surprised.  All that dealing with merchant stuff probably gave her a headache.
    My Phoebe was sleeping late too, and I slipped out quietly so as not to wake her.  She looked like she needed sleep more than having me around this time.
    Toni had an idea about the death of Naritoki.  He wondered if jealousy was the motive.  He pointed out that Magda was surprised that we didn't know they were lovers for years.
    I wasn't so sure about that.  I suspected that Magda was known about well before his death, and it was kind of drastic and well set up to be a jealously thing.  But it was an idea, worth taking seriously.  Everything was worth taking seriously at that point, even though Miwa was sure it was Korichika.

    Miwa had no plans for the day.  She and Toni did their sparring thing that afternoon, while I practised with my bow.  I intended to give that bow a workout in the next few weeks, and I wanted to be fully prepared.
    Phoebe spent the day thinking, which for her meant drumming and dancing and talking to herself.  I watched her for a while between my own sessions, always a pleasure to see her in her element.

    That evening, on the way out the door, Phoebe said had an appointment with Asako Kinto, who she called the Old Man.  She didn't say why, presumably something to do with his garden.