All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

The ATV is designed to provide high quality transport on any number of worlds.  It can traverse all but the most forbidding terrain and is fully amphibious.  The ATV's pressurized interior allows up to eight passengers living quarters with reasonable comfort for long periods of time.  The ATV typically masses ten tons and can carry a payload of six tons, including the driver and seven passengers.  Cruising speed depends on the terrain being travelled; roads can allow up to 100 kph, while cross country will rarely exceed 60 kph, and broken ground will keep speeds to 20 kph and under.  Tracked ATVs are somewhat slower than wheeled versions, but are more reliable in difficult terrain.

An ATV may be powered by a battery charged from a ship's power plant, or it may contain a small fusion power pack requiring water or hydrogen for fuel.  The major drawbacks for the ATV are its refuelling requirements (with water or hydrogen, generally every 24 hours or so), its slowness in some terrain, and its bulk.

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