Confederacy Naval Administration (CNA)

Official title for the "starship navy" of the Interstellar Confederacy.  Based at Lalandra (0821 Core), the CNA's full-time fleet arm acted merely as a police force, consisting mainly of small patrol ships.  In the event of a war emergency, the CNA was to take control of the various planetary navies in the Confederacy.

In actual practice, the CNA was less than effective in controlling the planetary navies - who often desregarded the CNA's coordination efforts in a time of crisis.

During the Sylean Expansion Wars (-201 to -100), a number of poor strategic moves on the part of the Confederacy forces resulted in the Confederacy giving way to the expanding Sylean Federation.  While the Confederacy's planetary navies may have "won the battle" here and there against the Syleans, the ultimately "lost the war" because of their failure to heed the strategic recommendations of the CNA commanders.

The old CNA complex on Lalandra has become a popular museum and tourist attraction of the Third Imperium, drawing many offworlders from throughout the nearby subsectors.

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