Imperial Warrant

Instrument of power issued by Imperial dukes, archdukes, or the emperor.  A warrant is a written or electronic document on Imperial stationery provided to trusted agents of the Imperium as a method of bypassing the bureaucracy.

Typically, a warrant is provided to an individual who uses the power it provides to accomplish some mission of interest to the issuing official.  Missions may include establishment of colonies in areas requiring development, the assumption of military command in the midst of a crisis, and the unilateral establishment of new noble lines to administer provinces which have suffered from war or economic collapse.

For example, the emperor Strephon sometimes exercises his power through agents rather than directly through the bureaucracy of the Imperium.  These instances are rare, although there is reason to believe that such agents are more numerous than it appears.  The Imperial warrant would contain a statement similar to the example below:

The bearer of this warrant is acting for the good of the Imperium and the Emperor. Extend him every assistance.

See also Imperial Edict 97.

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