Major Race

An arbitrary distinction based on technological achievement of a specific intelligent race.  A race which achieves interstellar travel jump drive) through its own efforts is classed major; one which does not is classed minor.

To date, generally accepted major races include Humaniti (Zhodani, Solomani, and Vilani, but not other examples), Aslan, the Hive, K'kree, Vargr, Ancients, and Droyne.

The Suerrat (a human race) are considered minor because their achievement of interstellar travel utilized generation ships.  Similarly, the Geonee were originally thought to be a major race, but their development of jump drive was based on recovered Ancient artifacts rather than on true racial efforts.  The Geonee dispute this prevailing opinion and hold the (generally unshared) view that they are of major standing.

The Droyne have been demonstrated to be major, for they have developed jump drive as far back as -7000.  At present, however, they do not build or use jump drives, and remain voluntarily sequestered in their scattered systems to spinward.

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