Union Rates

There are two pay scales covered under the Imperium-wide union rates.  The first, the rank rate, is generally in use on ships operated by large corporations.  The second, or skill rate, is more common on independent ships or those operated by small companies.

An individual signed on for working passage may not work more than three jumps in succession.  If they remain for the fourth jump, they are considered to have been hired on at the union rate in effect on that ship.

The crew of a ship is paid monthly.  Since usual procedure is to spend one week in jump and one week in port, the crew is usually paid every other jump.  Faster turnaround in port generally results in a bonus or temporary rate increase; this extra cost is passed on to the customer.

Rank Rate

Crew Area
Salary (Cr)
+10% bonus per skill rating above 1 of...
Command 1000 x BRN Pilot, Leader
500 x BRN
Pilot, Astrogation, Leader
500 x BRN
Flight 1000 Pilot, Ships Boat
Stewards 500 x Steward rating
Medical 500 x Medical rating
Gunnery 500 Gunnery
Maintenance 500 Admin, Mechanical
Ship's Troops 500
Frozen Watch 500

BRN is the Basic Rank Number as defined by Imperial services; Merchant 4th Officer and Naval Ensign are both Basic Rank Number 1.

Skill Rate


-cam MW
-IE trav