Gavrolovitch, Akim

Thriller author, native of the planet Capon (2324 Spinward Marches; B747748-A).  His books have spread throughout the Imperium, but he is more well known in his native Domain of Deneb.

He died at the age of 41 in a hunting accident on the Red Zone planet Gorram (2322 Spinward Marches; X554220-0).  There were no witnesses, but news reports indicate that he was shooting from the airlock of a gcarrier; an animal struck the vehicle, killing him instantly.

Gavrolovitch was the author of several subsector bestsellers, including Gram Rising, Porky's War, and The Iderati Conspiracy.  His book Archduke Bedlam was notorious for its barely disguised portrayal of Archduke Dulinor, and was banned in Ilelish as a result.

He left one posthumous manuscript: the novel The Arden Gambit was published in 1120.  Events leading up to the publication of this book caused considerable local unrest on his homeworld; one group calling itself Akim's Army even claims that the author is not dead, but either held captive illegally by the Imperium, or is in hiding to prevent such an eventuality.

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