Norris Aella Aledon

Archduke of Deneb.

Born as second son to the Duke of Regina, Norris was never expected to fill his father's position.  Norris joined Naval Intelligence and served creditably until his brother's premature death.  With his brother dead and father dying, Norris was forced to take on the responsibilities of the Duke of Regina.

Tests of his strength came early.  Border incidents forced him into negotiations with the hated psionic Zhodani; he learned to see them as people rather than stereotypes.  He assembled a cosmopolitan staff and was evenhanded in his treatment of problems and citizens.  He took the long view, cultivating his Naval Intelligence contacts.

His intelligence contacts allowed him to intercept a planned Fifth Frontier War.  Rather than use this to gain an advantage at the start of a war, he turned this into a diplomatic victory and cemented this with the Treaty of Quar.  This brought him both political and popular support.  In 1110, Emperor Strephon officially acknowledged Norris' outstanding actions by elevating him to Archduke of Deneb.  This made him the highest ranking noble on the spinward frontier.

Supported by many nobles in the Moot, Norris is highly respected for his very competent handling of the crisis in 1107 and his ability to govern an important border domain of the Imperium.  Norris' loyalty and fidelity to the Imperium have attracted wide ranging support for him from nobles.

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