Corridor is the vital sector linking the Spinward Marches with the Imperial center.  The only viable trade and communications routes between the two regions must pass through a relatively narrow channel of star systems wedged between two great starless rifts.

Unfortunately for the Imperium, the territory is shared with several small belligerent territories; the Imperial Corridor Fleet has a full-time job patrolling the sector starlanes, maintaining a semblance of peace, and protecting Imperial worlds and borders.

The sector contains 267 systems dramatically split by the Great Rift; 69 systems lie rimward of the Rift and 149 systems form the coreward third of the sector.  Corridor is named for its role connecting old, well-established Vland Sector with the frontier sectors Deneb and the Spinward Marches.  The name Corridor dates from about 140 and has displaced the old Vilani name (Eneri, rough translation: "star salad") for the sector.

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