Timeline Index

This index references various timelines

A single timeline covering everything that's going on, even limited to the active area of the campaigns, would be too large for any practical use.  So I've split it up here into several lines.  Note that some of them are referee only.

Chronology of the Imperium

Localized Timelines

From To Content Notes
001-1107 118-1107 Porky's Campaign The activities at Zaibon and elsewhere
001-1117 116-1119 Lunion Campaign Journey Location of the Anastasia and Lunion Campaign participants
133-1119  (present) Mora Campaign Journey Location of the Mora Campaign participants
070-1117 349-1117 (incomplete) Staru War The war between Roach and Scorpionis forces in the Staru system.

Timelines for Referee Information Only

From To Content Notes

(present) Foreven Sector

(present) Imperium Activity
041-1117 015-1119 Lunion Campaign
113-1119 (present) Mora Campaign