(1208 Magyar, 0408 Dosgood; A7BA543-E)

Eery's thick atmosphere is a chemical soup, yellow-green and murky, very unhealthy but quite profitable.  Many useful chemicals can be made simply by exposing certain of their ingredients to the outside atmosphere.

Even masers have trouble getting through the constant fog, and satellites are worthless for most purposes because not only can they not collect data from the surface, but if they collect data from orbit, they can't relay it to the surface easily.  All surface-to-surface communications are fiber optic.

Eeryans spend much of their lives indoors.  Eery is famous for all manner of indoor sports and entertainments as well as gourmet food, and supports a thriving tourist trade despite its low population.

(Note: on GAL, this is called Bageakke)

-TD14 mag