(0216 Magyar, 0206 Lore; B101353-E)

Settled originally by scientists seeking a low-gravity world to set up their particle physics experiments, Planck boasts one of the highest average IQs in the Solomani Sphere.  It has also become the home of a unique genetic twist: about 85% of the inhabitants possess an eidetic memory.  Written information is virtually unused here except to communicate with others off-planet.  All data are passed orally and remembered perfectly there after.  Of course, it is faster to enter numeric data by keying than by speaking, so computers have kept internal literacy up.

Planck is so small that it keeps all its water in an icy underground aquifer; all surface fluids and volatiles are long gone.  A sturdy, granite world, it is the largest of a swarm of pieces that failed to coalesce because of the pull of gas giants on both sides.

(Note: in GAL, this is called Jofil)

-TD14 mag