Pixie / Regina / Spinward Marches

Explosion at General Shipyards Plant

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Last night a series of explosions ripped through Vehicle Assembly Building No 3 of the General Shipyards facility on Pixie. Both company and military investigators on the scene report that the damage was almost certainly the work of saboteurs.

General Shipyard's Vehicle Assembly Building No 3 housed the main assembly line for the production of L-Hyd drop tanks. The L-Hyd drop tank project, undertaken in conjunction with Tukera Lines (of Vland/Vland), is expected to open up the Regina subsector to high capacity commercial access from the interior. A spokesperson for the company reported that the explosions probably set the project back by at least three months.

General Shipyards press secretary Harcord Haveln discounted any political motives for the sabotage. "There are commercial concerns in the subsector", he said, "who place their own self-interest above that of the population as a whole." When pressed to explain, he refused to elaborate.

Imperial Navy Commander Lobeck hault-Donosev, the naval liaison officer to the L-Hyd project, announced that Naval Counter-Intelligence was exploring the possibility that the sabotage was the work of Ine Givar terrorists. Ine Givar activity in the Regina subsector has thus far been limited to scattered and ineffective strikes on Efate and Feri, but that this incident "definitely bore their signature," he explained.

The public affairs officer of the Pixie office for Naval Counter-Intelligence refused an interview later in the day, but issued a press release disavowing any responsibility for the remarks of Commander hault-Donosev and stating that the NCI had no evidence whatsoever of Ine Givar activity on Efate, Feri, or Forboldn.