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General Shipyards Explosion Accident, Report Claims

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The joint investigative commission released the findings of its investigation into the mysterious series of explosions that ripped through General Shipyards' Vehicle Assembly Building No 3 three months ago today. The two page report concluded, contrary to initial statements, that there was no evidence of sabotage and that the explosion appeared to be due to equipment failure resulting in simultaneous discharge of liquid hydrogen and oxygen, which was detonated by sparks from a short circuit in a flux welding unit which had been inadvertently left on at the end of the evening work shift.

Public attention had been riveted on the investigation since it was revealed that the explosions had seriously set back the production of L-hyd drop tanks, equipment necessary to the opening of the high-capacity commercial service between Regina subsector and the Interior.

An initial public statement by Naval Commander Lobeck hault-Donosev, the former project-liaison officer, had suggested Ine Givar terrorist involvement in the incident, and had mentioned Ine Givar activity on both Efate (Regina 0105) and Feri (Regina 0405). A subsequent Naval Counter-Intelligence press release denied any Ine Givar activity on Efate, Feri, or Forboldn (Regina 0208).

When the Naval Counter-Intelligence representative on the joint commission, Lieutenant Artura Gramlyn, was questioned about the inclusion of the planet Forboldn in the denial statement, he replied "Well, there isn't any Ine Givar activity on Forboldn. There isn't any Ine Givar anywhere in the Subsector. We are familiar with all Ine Givar activity, and there isn't any."