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Tukera Suspends Service to Regina Subsec

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A spokesman for Tukera Lines announced indefinite suspension of high capacity commercial service to the Regina subsector pending outcome of the official investigation of the Trimkhana-Brilliance tragedy.

Less than a month ago, the 800-ton liner Trimkhana-Brilliance was lost with 217 lives due to a jump capacitor discharge immediately prior to jump. While all four survivors of the disaster are still under intensive medical care, interviews with the one surviving crew member indicate that the capacitor discharge may have been due to a delay in jump after full charging due to a failure of the port inboard L-Hyd drop tank to separate completely.

A Tukera Lines press release stated that a team of company engineers would be "taking a long hard look at General Shipyards' quality control standards."

In the wake of the announcement of high-capacity service suspension, General Shipyards common stock fell 34 points in the Regina exchange before exchange officials suspended trade. Oberlindes Lines stock closed up 5 3/8.